25 Long Wolf Cuts with Curtain Bangs Dominating the Style Scene

Long wolf cuts with curtain bangs
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Are you ready for a fresh look? The long wolf cut with curtain bangs dominates the style scene. It’s a chic, versatile, and modern trend that effortlessly suits a variety of face shapes and hair types. Expert stylist Lauren Oxford shares her tips and tricks to help you achieve this chic and intriguing look.

Meet The Expert

Lauren Oxford
Lauren Oxford
Lauren is a master stylist & MB educator with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Mousy Browns in Edmonton, CA

Understanding Your Hair Type

Lauren explained that wolf cuts are perfect for those with dense hair at the bottom and sides of their head. In fact, natural waves can help endorse the swift, smooth movement your layers have once they get cut shorter.

“Curtain bangs have always been in style,” she explained. “You’ve likely had a version or two of them if you’ve donned bangs before.” These bangs are ideal for most hair types except those with a stubborn cowlick. In such instances, Lauren advises against bangs unless you are willing to put in some extra styling effort.

Go for the Perfect Face Shape Look

This trend works well with most face shapes, yet particularly well with round faces. Lauren states that “the wolf cut provides height on top of the head, making it beneficial for those with a round face.”

Curtain bangs can also reveal hidden cheekbones, adding to your natural beauty. “I love cutting the longest part right at the cheekbone. It entirely opens up your face,” Lauren added.

If you wear glasses, consider leaving your bangs longer than your glasses. You’ll feel the difference it makes!

Styling Tips and Tricks

Depending on your hair type (if it’s not sticking straight), this cut could be for you. Lauren suggests doing what hairstylists do the best — dry off these cuts initially to set a preferred shape or employ a small round brush for styling.

For extra volume, “you can blowdry your hair upside down and then just touch it up with your 1” curling iron to add some cleaner-looking pieces,” Lauren declared.

In terms of products, Lauren recommends salt spray, with her personal favorite being the one made by Davines. Other important products include hairspray and dry shampoo. For added texture, consider buying a one-inch curling iron and wrap some hair strands around it.

She also reminded us that “your product starts with your shampoo and conditioner. So if you are seeking volume, don’t use a heavy moisture shampoo and please avoid drugstore ones. Your hair will thank me.” So make your pick and style on!

Photos of Eye-Catching Long Wolf Cuts with Curtain Bangs

Tousled Waist-Length Wolf Shag with Curtain Bangs and Center Part
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#1: Tousled Waist-Length Wolf Shag

If you’re looking for a modern long hairstyle, consider a rumpled wolf shag that falls to your waist. You can add a lot of layers around the face since this gives the cut a wild appearance and helps create fullness in thin features. Ask your stylist to start the face-framing layers at your nose level and blend them into the long lower part. Limit the layers in the rest of your hair to avoid looking too thin around the edges. Use a round brush to style the sides away from your face, and apply a diffuser to the remaining hair for a tousled look that’s quite appealing.

#2: Long Pink Hair with Shaggy Layers

This ultra feminine long pink hairstyle with shaggy layers is a gorgeous way to show off your girl power!

#3: Long Shag with Soft Waves and Curtain Fringe

Consider a long shag with soft waves and a curtain fringe. Match your shag with a bang that fits your face. Long curtain bangs should match your features. For that, consider the point where your eyes and cheekbones meet. Your stylist will shape the haircut to fit your face. That way, it will highlight your best features.

Long-Length Messy Layered Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @anasoutza

#4: Messy Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

Upgrade your long hairstyle by considering a messy layered wolf cut with bangs. You’ll love the playful appearance of the shorter layers around the face, which flow backward following the trend. The layers in the cut also add more volume and give a shaggy vibe. This hairstyle can be versatile as well. You can blow the cut straight, curl, or pull it up, letting the short tendrils fall around the face.

Wolf Cut Long Shaggy Layers and Curtain Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#5: Long Shaggy Layers and Bottleneck Bangs

Sport long shaggy layers with bottleneck bangs. Long hair and bangs are always a vibe. The bangs blend beautifully into long, shaggy layers that start shorter in the middle and flow down in layers. Show off your natural texture with an easy wash-and-go style.

Long Butterfly Wolf Cut with Soft Layers and Long Bardot Bangs
Instagram @emilyppt

#6: Butterfly Cut with Soft Layers

Get a butterfly cut paired with your curtain bangs. Turn a soft, razored, layered cut into a trending wolf cut. If you’re looking for movement in your hair, a shaggy layer will do the trick. Medium to thick hair textures work best for movement and showing off your hair’s natural texture. Pair your hairstyle with curtain bangs to flatter round, pear, and diamond face shapes.

Multi-Layered and Voluminous Long Wolf Cut with Middle Part Bangs
Instagram @craphairclub

#7: Multi-Layered and Voluminous Long Wolf Cut

Consider the multi-layered and voluminous long wolf cut if you wish for a layered style. This style is part of the trendy shag family. It boosts waves with short layers, forming a natural look while preserving as much length as you want. It suits various face shapes and hair textures, ranging from straight to wavy. To style it, simply scrunch a styling cream or a hair balm in your hair and dry it. This will give you a natural, voluminous look.

Long Shagged Fine Wolf Hair with Long Curtain Bangs
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#8: Shagged Fine Hair with Long Bangs

If you want volume and movement, try this shagged cut with long bangs for fine hair. Such a hairstyle can infuse fun and style into boring, shapeless hair. This hairstyle suits those with medium to thick tresses perfectly.

Long Black and Red Wolf Cut with Flipped Layers and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @juria.hair

#9: Black and Red Wolf Cut with Flipped Layers

This hairstyle, known as the black and red wolf cut, is bold. It features flipped layers. This cut and color will for sure turn heads! The layers add a classic, soft touch to the hairstyle. They compliment the color and let the red stand out at the bottom.

Longer Razored Wolf Cut with Curtain Swooping Bangs
Instagram @hairbyravenc

#10: Razored Wolf Cut with Swooping Bangs

Try a new hairstyle: a razored wolf cut topped off with swooping bangs. A razored cut can enhance your natural waves. If done well, this cut can bring out the movement of your hair and softly frame your face. Adding layers at the crown of your head is crucial to this style. It adds volume to thinner hair and removes excess bulk from thicker hair.

Longer Brunette Wolf Haircut with Curtain Bangs and Chunky Highlights
Instagram @fletchyhair

#11: Brunette Wolf Haircut with Chunky Highlights

You can have a brunette wolfy haircut with chunky highlights. Adding contrast to your cut can mimic the varied colors in a wolf’s fur. The cut can include textured layers and face-framing, so understanding your hair’s capacity for handling this style is key. Your stylist will guide you towards the best version of the haircut, and you can always add a unique touch.

#12: Brown Wolf Hair with Blonde Money Piece

This chic brown haircut with blonde highlights is the ultimate way to add texture to your mane. Wolf cuts are quickly becoming a timeless way to add volume to otherwise flat hair.

#13: Long Layered Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Pieces

A long layered wolf cut with face-framing pieces is ideal if you desire fuller hair. The expertly shaped layers in this cut add a variety of movement and bounce, making day-to-day styling easier and more rewarding.

Chest-Length Blonde Wolf Cut with Textured Layers and Bangs
Instagram @hnb_salon

#14: Blonde Wolf Cut with Textured Layers

This blonde hairstyle with textured layers is a great example of a v-shaped cut. If you want a v-shaped hairstyle or just love layered cuts, you should try this.

Long Fluffy Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#15: Fluffy Wolf Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

A wolf cut with bangs is a simple, easy-care style for thick hair. Haircuts with longer lengths are easy to grow out on thick hair because of their layered style. This style prevents uneven growth or bulky areas in your hair between salon visits.

#16: Blonde Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

A blonde wolf cut hairstyle suits straight hair well. A shaggy cut works great with straight hair textures, as well as those that are curly. When a stylist cuts a straight textured shag, they add lots of facial framing layers and texturized ends to create a piecey style. Using a round brush or a flat iron to bend the hair can help create this look. This is especially true if you have curtain bangs that you may want to flip out around your eyes to enhance them.

#17: Wolf Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a fresh look, try the trend of a wolf haircut complemented by long curtain bangs. To create this style, start with a sharp angle from your chin to the base of the hair while adding layers in the process. The curtain bangs should start at the nose and sweep backward to make your hairstyle trendy and sassy. I suggest you blow dry the bang backward using a medium round brush to give the bang a natural flow. For a less voluminous messy finish, you can try scrunch drying or air drying your hair.

#18: Wolf Cut with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Transform your current hairstyle into a long wolf cut with face-framing layers and bangs. Elevate from ordinary to extraordinary by adding shaggy layers to your long hair. Ask your stylist to angle the side locks from your lips to the overall length of your hair, creating attractive layers around your face. In addition, ask for plenty of layering on your long hair, and remember to include stylish bangs. After styling, blow-dry your hair using a medium round brush and slightly tousle it for a more casual look once you’re done.

Long Wavy Wolf Cut and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @hatahata5963

#19: Wavy Wolf Cut and Bangs

You can rock a wavy wolf cut and bangs. Don’t be afraid of this trendy shape because it looks great on everyone. Aim for a middle part in your cut. Add many layers for a cool, shaggy look. Style your bangs to fall away from the face. This will give a hip look. You can air-dry your hair. For more defined waves, use a 1-inch iron to curl.

Chest-Length Razored Wolf Shag with Thick Curtain Fringe
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#20: Razored Shag with Thick Fringe

Women with dense, natural hair textures can benefit from this razored shag with a thick fringe. Layering reduces the weight of the hair, making it less bulky and easier to style. The thick fringe is great for those wanting to hide their forehead or create a slimmer-looking face shape.

Mid-Long Modern Wolf Shag with Center-Parted Bangs
Instagram @hairbykaileyd

#21: Modern Mid-Long Wolf Shag with Center-Parted Bangs

The modern wolf shag is a hairstyle complete with a center-parted bang. This hairstyle becomes modern through the styling and techniques used. For these modern hairstyles, products like Hairstory and Cult King are essential. Techniques like a razor cut and other texturizing methods provide movement to the hair.

#22: Messy Wolf Style for Thin Hair

The messy wolf style is the best option for thin hair. Wolf cuts and shags add fullness and bounce to fine, thin hair because they have many layers and textures.

Long Face-Framing Soft Shullet wolf Haircut with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#23: Face-Framing Soft Shullet Haircut

Ask for a face-framing soft shullet haircut. A soft shullet can be achieved from a long haircut with curtain bangs by adding a few face-framing layers for a wild look. A blunt cut that maintains the length will enhance the volume around the perimeter. The primary aim must be to emphasize your facial features with face-framing layers.

Wolf-Cut Long Choppy Layers and Middle Part Curtain Bangs
Instagram @ziohair.salon

#24: Wolf-Cut Choppy Layers and Middle Part Bangs

This cut with choppy layers looks great with middle part bangs. Wolf cuts, and shags usually look best with some form of fringe. On days when you want your hair to have a more defined parting, a middle part is a safe choice.

Peach Edgy Wolf Cut with Curtain Fringe for Long Hair
Instagram @xhair.g_

#25: Peach Edgy Wolf Cut

Fall in love with two trends in one! This edgy wolf cut combines the ever-popular shaggy chop with a bright peachy pink hue to create an eye-catching, ethereal hairstyle.