50 Coolest Women’s Undercut Hairstyles To Try in 2024

Womens undercut hairstyles
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Tired of the same old boring hair? Then you may want to consider one of these cool undercut hairstyles for women. A women’s undercut haircut is when your hair around the back and sides are shaved near the temple areas underneath the longer hair on top. This is often referred to as a hidden undercut women style. It’s a slightly edgy hairstyle for women who still want to maintain a more regular style.

Stylish undercuts for women are daring styles to showcase your creativity and stand out in a crowd! It has endless versions of designs and styling options that you can adapt to your face shape and lifestyle. A shaved side or back could accentuate your hair on top (especially for pixie cuts), make your hair more manageable, and give you a fresh and cool feeling during those hot summer days.

There are several options available on how and where to put a women’s undercut depending on how bold you want it to be. You can opt for one that can be hidden or one that shows confidently all the time. Just take note to be smart about the initial style if you want a smooth and consistently fashionable grow-out for your hair types.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these images of undercut women hairstyles:

Red Short Bob with a Buzzed Undercut Side
Instagram @theo__hair

#1: Red Short Bob with a Buzzed Side

A short red bob with a buzzed side will suit you if you want to stand out among the rest. I love combining a classic cut with a bold fashion color for an avant-garde statement. You should know, your mane will need to be maintained approximately every five weeks.

Textured Pixie Cut with an Undercut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#2: Textured Pixie Cut with an Undercut

The textured pixie cut with an undercut is a trendy and versatile hairstyle that adds depth and dimension to your look. This cut features shorter layers on the top, giving your hair a tousled and voluminous appearance. The undercut adds a unique twist by shaving the hair on the sides and back, creating a sleek and modern contrast. This cut works well for those with thick or coarse hair, as it helps to lighten the weight and add movement to the style. To style, start with damp hair and apply a texturizing spray or wax to enhance the texture and definition.

#3: Modern Mohawk for Older Women

The modern mohawk for older women is a bold and empowering hairstyle. It defies age stereotypes and showcases confidence and style. This take on the classic mohawk adds texture, making it the best option for a wearable style for women. Ask for this style if you want to embrace a trendy and edgy look while maintaining a sense of elegance.

#4: Undercut Long Hair with Hair Art

An undercut long hair with hair art is a stylish and unique way to update your look. This cut involves shaving one or both sides of your head while leaving the top long and flowing. The contrast between the shaved sections and long hair allows for endless possibilities when it comes to hair art. You can try geometric patterns to intricate designs. This look works best for women looking for a bold and daring change to their hairstyle. To maintain the undercut, it’s important to keep up with frequent haircuts to maintain the sharp lines.

#5: 90s-Inspired Mullet with Bangs

This 90’s inspired mullet with bangs is the best option if you have fine wavy hair and want a super edgy look. Avoid over-styling this cut as you want to embrace your natural wave.

#6: Platinum Pixie with an Undercut and Sweeping Bangs

Consider a platinum pixie with sweeping bangs. If you have thick hair, ask about getting an undercut for your pixie. You have to follow your cowlicks and the direction of hair growth. This way, your hair lays nicely with an over-directed pixie style. Use a flat brush when you blow-dry to style easily, using the shape of your head as your round brush.

#7: Pink Bixie with an Undercut and Bangs

Ask for a pink bixie with an undercut and bangs. This is a great cut for those with thick hair. Ask for an undercut with your bixie to eliminate bulk in the sides and nape area. Your stylist can get creative, leaving tendrils of hair in different lengths. It will create an interesting look for the edgy gal.

Undercut Long Hair with Amazing Zebra stripe Hair Design on the side
Instagram @alanfontenele_

#8: Undercut Long Hair with Amazing Hair Designs

If you’re looking for a more edgy undercut, ask for an added design. I’d advise you to have pictures of your hair types that have the design you have in mind. If you’re a stylist, outline the design before cutting to be more precise. Keep in mind that the texture of your hair can vary results.

Punk-Inspired Medium-Length Undercut Hair For Women
Instagram @count.haze

#9: Punk-Inspired Medium-Length Undercut Hair

Undercuts are a very cool, punk way to update your look. There are several factors that come into play when wanting an undercut. But, the main one is the density of your hair. Most stylists will be able to find a way to incorporate some form of an undercut into your style. But it may need to be altered based on the amount of hair you have.

Undercut Mid-Length Curly Mohawk with Buzzed Lines
Instagram @sabrayna_

#10: Mid-Length Curly Mohawk with Buzzed Lines

Curly haircuts and styles are evolving from classic to modern contemporary. An undercut hairstyle for women has become popular along with mid-length curly mohawks. Voluminous hair is a style variation to explore if you’re feeling adventurous.

#11: Dark Auburn Long Pixie

Change your image with a cute auburn long pixie. Short hair can be beautiful, especially with a long top and bangs. The tapered sides and back are softened with the draping disconnection of the top. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to cut into your length on the top, to lighten up strong lines and achieve a wispy shape. Auburn hair is always beautiful and makes a pixie pop.

#12: Punk Rock Undercut Pixie Mullet

If you have the freedom to wear it, you might consider an undercut pixie mullet. It’s a classic punk rock style. Bleached blonde with lots of texture, I strongly recommend using a spray wax. Try Oribe’s Flash Form Finishing Spray. It helps to to add texture to your look. Adding special clipper work to the sides adds more charm to your look.

Disconnected Undercut on Platinum Pixie Hair
Instagram @haarkult_st.ingbert

#13: Disconnected Undercut on Platinum Pixie Hair

Reinvent yourself with a disconnected undercut on platinum pixie hair. A pixie is a popular style and if you want a stronger shape, add an undercut. Your tresses will dry in a snap, and you’ll only need to style the top. You can’t go wrong with a platinum blonde, but you’ll need frequent salon visits for this color and cut combo.

#14: Layered Pixie with Side Shaved Lines

If you are looking for something funky, try a layered pixie with side shaved lines. Pixies are so versatile and will suit all different face shapes and hair textures. If you choose to stand out, shaving a creative design into the back or sides will personalize your style. You can create the picture-perfect cut that is just right for you.

Undercut Fade with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @jcx28

#15: Undercut Fade with Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for something new, an undercut pixie is just the right thing for women who want more of an edge. Be sure to let your stylist know specifically that you want an undercut so they know to use the clippers. This cut looks best styled with wax.

Long Bob with a Deep Side Undercut
Instagram @emma.lu_hairdos

#16: Long Bob with a Deep Side Undercut

When I cut a deep undercut like this you have to find where that part is going to live naturally. This way, styling your hair will go smoothly. Do this by combing hair back and pushing forward gently and the natural part will come. I would recommend you add some blonde or even funky colors as a cut like this leaves you room to experiment.

Undercut Long Bob with Side ZigZag Pattern
Instagram @hayleyjvd

#17: Undercut Long Bob with Side ZigZag Pattern

For girls with a lot of hair, ask your stylist if a cut like this is something that would be right for you. If you need to take weight off of your hair, the undercut is the way to go. There are several ways to combine shapes with clippers to do designs (like the one carved in the undercut). I suggest coordinating with your stylist for something that you’re both comfortable with.

Short Undercut Hair with Long Side Bangs
Instagram @iamracheq

#18: Short Undercut Hair with Long Side Bangs

Totally rock out with short undercut hair with long side bangs. Wearing a long bang to one side will provide volume and body for a fuller appearance. Having the sides short and a soft transition to longer on top will give an edgy style. Plus, it will be easy to manage with some texture paste for a fashion-forward look.

#19: Choppy Pixie Undercut on Light Pink Hair

Be creative with a choppy pixie undercut on light pink hair. A trendy pink-colored pixie is the edgy and fun hairstyle of your dreams. Fashion colors are high maintenance so make sure you are ready for the commitment. Bleaching your hair up first will be necessary to achieve a light pink hue. Layer all over to get tons of volume. Chip into the ends to get a soft style that is girly and feminine.

Sleek Undercut Pixie with Balayage
Instagram @salonhippychic

#20: Sleek Undercut Pixie with Balayage

Go for a versatile look with a sleek undercut pixie with balayage. A long crop pixie can be styled in so many different ways you can have a different look every day of the week. Balayage is blended at the roots for a soft and gracious grow out. Having an undercut on the sides and nape will remove bulk for easier styling. Don’t be afraid to try the hairstyle you have always wanted and just go for it.

Blue Hair Undercut with Nape Design
Instagram @kisasackadin

#21: Blue Hair Undercut with Nape Design

Try a trending look with a blue hair undercut with a nape design. If you have thick hair, an undercut is one of the best ways to lighten your load. Make it fun with a bright fashion color with an edgy design. Shades of blue are an easier fashion color to achieve on your darker hair. Make sure you neutralize the blonde tone before you add the fashion color to get the color you desire.

#22: Wispy and Feathered Undercut Pixie

A wispy and feathered undercut pixie is great as the wispy and feathered texture works well for all hair types. Make sure your stylist doesn’t texturize too much or you’ll lose volume instead of creating it. A paste, pomade, or fiber will take this style and wispiness to the next level.

Stunning Undercut Asymmetric Brunette Haircut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#23: Stunning Asymmetric Brunette Haircut

Walk on the wild side with an asymmetric haircut. A trendy asymmetrical pixie is very versatile and is tailored to your hair needs. Having an undercut is the best way for unwanted bulk to be removed to keep your hair moving and not weighed down. Having a short cut is easy to style, just get some styling products and mess it up.

Naturally White Undercut Pixie for Older Women
Instagram @the.unorthodox.stylist

#24: Naturally White Undercut Pixie for Older Women

Look stunning with a naturally white undercut pixie if you’re an older woman. Wear your hair with lots of layers and get the illusion of fullness and body right at your crown. Having an undercut will get rid of unnecessary bulk and will make styling much easier. There has never been a better time to show off your beautiful natural white hair color.

#25: Short Shaved Undercut with a Braid

A short shaved undercut with a braid is a pretty cool bob. If you have very thick hair you can have a higher undercut but with thin hair, it needs to stay lower to leave enough thickness for lengths. Also consider your face shape, as this will help determine how long your hair should be. Cheekbone or jawline-length hair suits oval, heart, and round shapes, as it will enhance them. Under the jawline or even collarbone length gives the impression of a longer face shape.

Edgy Short Crop with an Undercut for Women
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#26: Edgy Short Crop with an Undercut

An edgy short crop with an undercut is a style that makes a statement. With the shaved back and sides and the piecey top, it’s perfection. With this style be prepared to get your haircut more often. Like when your bangs are in your eyes or your hair is touching your ears, this style will grow out fast. To keep up with this, try to schedule your haircut appointments in advance. You’ll always get the time and day you prefer.

#27: Edgy Bowl Cut with Undercut and Zig-Zag Design

A bowl cut with an undercut and zig-zag design is the go-to cut suited for style enthusiasts. A lot is going on with this haircut. The bowl shape has a ton of texture to create an edgy style, pieced out with some wax paste. Ask your stylist if they are comfortable with cutting designs and clipper work.

Cute silver pixie with an undercut and bangs
Instagram @sacaumut

#28: Cute Silver Pixie with an Undercut and Bangs

Women of any age seeking a short edgy haircut should try a silver pixie with an undercut and bangs. Extremely thick hair can often benefit from an undercut, as it removes weight from your hair. Keeping the pixie longer in front will allow you to style them like bangs. There are so many creative options with an undercut pixie – try something asymmetrical or ask for a razor effect on the top section for extra piecyness.

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Boyish short hair undercut hairstyle
Instagram @hairgrl12

#29: Boyish Short Hair Undercut

A convertible short undercut pixie has different lengths and textures throughout your hair giving it a soft and edgy look. This boyish undercut is for the lady who loves to play with her hair. The best thing about this cut is that it allows you to create different looks without putting all the extra styling hours into your morning routine. When it comes to the color of this short blonde undercut, it can be challenging and quite the maintenance, but it all depends on the base you are starting with.

V shaped nape undercut for long haired women
Instagram @j.figz

#30: V-Shaped Nape Undercut for Long Hair

The V-shaped nape undercut for long hair makes an edgy style that’s easy to cover for formal occasions. To create your undercut, start with parting the space used for the design. Then, get a trimmer to mark the hard lines. I recommend Andis’ Slimline Pro GTX. Lastly, use clippers to fade some parts of the design, giving your long hair undercut more depth.

#31: Sassy Undercut on Bob Cut

bob with hidden undercut is delicately edgy. From the texture to the undercut, every aspect was carefully chosen to give the model in the image the option of a soft look or a sassy, rebellious look. This is the ultimate undercut hair idea. It’s cut with lots of texture. This bob with an undercut isn’t recommended for tight, curly hair or very thin, fine hair. The denser your hair, the easier it is to style and switch around from side to side. For styling, try dry wax.

Edgy diagonal undercut haircut for women
Instagram @hair_by_benji

#32: Edgy Diagonal Undercut Haircut

Try an edgy diagonal undercut haircut to add a sharp boldness to your finer short hair. A short sharp undercut gives a strong shape to your profile enhancing the shape of your cut. The razor-short sides contrast against the disconnected length on top, which increases fullness.

#33: Short Asymmetrical Undercut for Older Women

Rock a short asymmetrical undercut to transform into a younger, slimmer you. Your undercut is not only fun to wear, but it opens up your face. It creates depth and contours your face for a slimmer appearance. The asymmetry adds to a youthful feel by adding volume and width to lift your facial structure.

Feminine Undercut for Long Hair
Instagram @hairbyamilee

#34: Feminine Undercut for Long Hair

A long hair undercut with a shaved side has so much versatility in styling! The best part is you can’t tell it’s there when you part your hair from the other side. It’s one of the best long hair undercut hairstyle ideas.

Cool Side Swept Undercut with Pink Ombre
Instagram @katierosehair

#35: Cool Side-Swept Undercut with Pink Ombre

Women’s undercut hairstyles are the perfect trend for any season! An under shave plus an edgy brunette to pink ombre on a soft, wavy pixie can totally give you that cool-girl vibe!

#36: Mandala Undercut Design on Short Hair

Women with an undercut can still keep it feminine with an intricate floral side design. The coolest thing about having shorter hair and a shaved side is that you can personalize it however you want!

Side Part Undercut with Star Design for Rocker-Chic Women
Instagram @haritobarber

#37: Side Part Undercut with Star Design for Rocker-Chic Women

Rock a totally state-of-the-art undercut hairstyle on a neck-length haircut with purple tips. When it comes to a female undercut, confidence is really all you need to rock!

#38: Rocker Long Undercut with Flipped Ends

These long undercut strands with shaved sides on medium hair for a more versatile look. This look is perfect if you want to have an edgy look but need to be professional as well. You can easily change the parting of your shaved hair to hide or show off your rocker side.

Feminine African-American undercut pixie cut
Instagram @othiaggoramos

#39: Feminine African-American Undercut

A high fade can accentuate long hair on top which can be versatile to style. A clean surgical line gives any undercut for women an edgy result with a hint of femininity.

#40: Creative Triangle Nape Undercut

This look offers a little bit of edge underneath that silver blonde color.  An edge that you are able to hide in a “peekaboo” way. The blonde undercut hairstyle is my favorite because you get to pick a new design every few weeks! Although an undercut is wicked, it does require upkeep. Think of how quickly your hair grows and the fact that you will have to touch it up every couple of weeks. I also remind women that the grow-out process, once you decide you are done with this look, is exactly that, a process.

Temporary Aztec Undercut Design
Instagram @bytifflin

#41: Temporary Aztec Undercut Design

Get inspired by this top bun with a nape undercut. To the person thinking about doing an undercut, definitely, understand that the grow-out process isn’t all that fun. You’ll go through an awkward stage as it grows out but you only live once! It can be slightly high maintenance as designs grow out in approximately two weeks and hair in general needs to be maintained within a month. Undercuts with designs are so fun for any woman because they are like temporary tattoos. Every couple of weeks you can get a new look!

#42: Sweet Undercut for Little Girls

Get an undercut for your little girl to match her edgy personality!  For easy at-home maintenance, consider a conditioner with pigment in it, to brighten her hair color when it fades. If you are in an environment that might not embrace a wild look, consider a lighter or pastel shade. Keep up with your undercut regularly to keep this look fresh.

#43: Hair Tattoo Undercut Design for Women with Braids

I carried out a pattern on the shaved nape and painted over the drawing for more contrast and brightness. During the process of hair growth, the pattern will be washed away. If there is a desire to keep your hair tattoo, visit your stylist again. Undercuts for women with braids are an excellent way to stand out in a crowd of identical hairstyles. This hair art allows you to self-express and shows your culture using fashion. Owners of braided and shaved hairstyles like this are usually very courageous and creative.

Trendy Undercut Design
Instagram @tim_czykhair

#44: Trendy Undercut Design

This undercut and design was aimed to create a trendy and low-maintenance style, but something that made you take a second look and take notice. The hidden gem is the nape undercut with design.  When you look at it, you are instantly drawn to the design and flow of an undercut. Nape undercuts can be a brilliant style to consider if you’re after an easy low-maintenance change of style. As far as upkeep on an undercut, you would need to have it reshaped/styled every 3/4 weeks. Other than that, no styling time is needed. The fact you can wear your hair down, hiding an undercut, or wear it up showing it off, gives style options also.

Rockabilly Undercut for Curly Hair
Instagram @lilybcuts

#45: Rockabilly Undercut for Curly Hair

A curly undercut haircut is a perfect style for the carefree, fun-loving kind of girl. It’s the perfect balance of laid-back with a dash of edginess. I love this cut with a flat iron curl and messing it up with a little 05 dry shampoo paste and 32 triple take from Redken. Super easy but gives the look a little more texture and style.

#46: Pixie Undercut with Abstract Shaved Lines

Go for an undercut pixie cut with a long, side fringe that can give anyone a feminine, chic look. There is also the option of adding a fade to your undercut. Along with certain angles, you can add fading to add more dimension and depth to this particular, abstract design created for the undercut. Pixie undercuts can look more stylish, classy, or even edgy when styled.

#47: Messy Undercut Pixie with Bangs

A messy undercut pixie bob with bangs is a really soft feminine undercut, keeping edge and class all at the same time. Messy undercut hair ideas usually start with giving your hair some tousled waves. It’s a really versatile style, allowing you to hide your undercut whenever you want, and swap the sides for flatness or volume. This undercut haircut is great for women with really thick hair types as your undercut eliminates half your hair. It’s suitable for oval face shapes or round, as the sides being short will slim your face, and the length on top will add volume to lengthen. Your hair type should be anywhere from curly to straight, and I would advise wearing the top longer if it is curly due to it springing up too short.

#48: Cool Asymmetrical Undercut

Creative women willing to try something new with their hair should take a shot at an asymmetrical undercut. The unexpected shave on one side of the head adds drama and interest to a traditional cut like a bob. With most undercut haircuts, you should expect upkeep every 4-6 weeks to avoid your cut from appearing overgrown.

#49: Ponytail Undercut Hairstyle with Geometric Tattoo Design

If you want a less-committed look with a super edgy touch then a ponytail with a shaved undercut women’s hairstyle is the way to go! A high shave on the nape of your neck like this allows you to be creative in choosing any design you want! This geometric undercut hairstyle is a great option for ladies looking for something edgy and unique to wear.

Trendy blonde short hair with an undercut
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#50: Trendy Blonde Short Hair with an Undercut

Blonde short hair with an undercut is a very sharp way to jazz up your personal style. Defining your neckline with undercut hairstyles can give this look a ready-made style. Tousled or smoothed, spiked, or lived-in after a blowout is just a few ways to style it. Wax and paste along with a small handle boar’s hair grooming brush can be great tools to style.