72 Best Haircuts for Fine Hair to Look Thicker and Fuller

Best haircuts for fine hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Fine hair is often described as silky or baby soft. It has a beautiful, touchable texture. Fine hair is also typically confused with thin hair. Hairstyles for fine hair could actually be sparse or abundant, but what makes hair fine is the diameter of each hair strand. It’s smaller than average hair.

Because of its delicate texture, it’s prone to breakage and has a tendency to fall flat. However, with proper care, the right haircut, products, and style, you’ll be able to make your gorgeous angelic hair look thicker. Depending on the length of your fine hair, you could leave it down with waves, or put it up in a half up updo or even a messy bun. Styling options are endless!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these stunning hairstyles for fine hair.

Stacked Bob for Women with Fine Hair Texture
Instagram @as.hairslayer

#1: Stacked Bob for Women with Fine Hair

This short, stacked and angled bob with shattered edges gives a woman an instant facelift and the shattered edges create softness around the face. I recommend Bumble and Bumble hair products. I used Holding Spray mainly at the crown and top back to give volume, and I finished with Spray de Mode which is a light hairspray with lots of shine. To prevent flyaways, use a flat iron to straighten the ends. This cut and style look good on all face shapes, all ages, and all textures. The younger the client the more angled the cut.

#2: Low-Maintenance Blonde Bubble Bob

The bubble bob, like all things from the year 2000, is back in fashion. The bubble bob is great for fine hair, and it’s easy to style if your hair is straight to wavy. Ask your stylist to give you a beveled bob that reaches somewhere between your chin and shoulder with little to no layering. Use a small round brush to blow dry your hair or tuck in the ends with a smoothing iron.

Choppy Boyfriend Bob with Waves on Ladies with Fine hair
Instagram @kao.rebecca.se

#3: Choppy Boyfriend Bob with Waves

If your hair is fine to medium and dense, this choppy boyfriend bob cut is a perfect choice. Since fine hair often looks flat, adding choppy layers can add movement and relieve weight. Use a 3-barrel wave iron or curl your hair gently for more volume and movement.

Beautiful Center-Parted Dark Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Beautiful Center-Parted Dark Blonde Hair

If you have long, straight hair, think about shaping it with large soft curls to add volume and bounce. This style imparts a lively yet classy sentiment to straight, fine hair.

#5: Side-Flipped Italian Bob

The side-flipped Italian bob is an elegant hairstyle that works well for busy professionals and fits any occasion. Women with fine hair are best suited to this style. The side-flipped fringe provides an added charm to this classic hairstyle. When styling, use a blow dryer or flat iron to flip your ends out. Remember to use a finishing spray to maintain the hairstyle’s volume.

#6: Long Fine Curled Hair with a Side Part

If you want a new hairstyle, try long, fine, curled hair styled with a side parting. This style is versatile. It adds depth and dimension to your curls and also frames your face beautifully. By parting your hair on the side, you can enhance the natural volume and movement of your curls. Keeping the length is crucial for maintaining the curl pattern. So, avoid having too many layers on the sides. To style your hair, start with it wet. Then, apply volumizing mousse to encourage curl formation. Use a diffuser to dry your hair and scrunch it gently with a microfibre towel to remove excess moisture.

Long Blonde Fine Hair with Blunt Ends and a Center Parting
Instagram @oladementeva1

#7: Long Blonde Hair with Blunt Ends and a Center Parting

If you desire a hairstyle that screams classic and timeless charm, think about long blonde hair with blunt ends and a center parting. A center parting brings forth balance and symmetry, which enhances the natural beauty of the face. The centerpiece-parted long hair with blunt ends is ideal for those desiring a sleek and tidy look. For fine hair, the blunt ends of this hairstyle give an illusion of thicker and fuller hair. To achieve this hairstyle, part your hair in the center and use a light hair product for shine and hold. You can dress up or down this multipurpose hairstyle to fit any event.

Muted Orange Tones on Fine Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#8: Muted Orange Tones on Fine Hair

Adding muted orange tones can impart beautiful warmth and softness to fine hair. If you want a subtle color that enhances your overall look, muted orange tones are perfect for creating dimension and depth. Muted orange tones work great on fine hair. They don’t overpower or weigh down delicate strands. Instead, these tones bring a gentle pop of color that complements the natural hair texture. To achieve this look, work with a hairstylist who understands the importance of using the right shades and application techniques for fine hair. Your stylist can create a customized blend of muted orange tones highlighting your unique features.

Dirty Blonde Balayage with a Money Piece for Fine Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#9: Dirty Blonde Balayage with a Money Piece

You can consider a dirty blonde balayage that includes a money piece. A super-fine babylight balayage gives you a softer, diffused blonde look. Adding bolder blonde accents around the hairline makes the money piece stand out. If your hair is fine, highlighting will give it more texture and body. This is achieved by expanding the hair shaft’s outer layer, the cuticle.

#10: Ashy White-Blonde Long Fine Hair

If you’re blessed with ashy, white-blonde, long fine hair, you’ll love this stunning hairstyle. The sleekness and delicate texture of your hair will be beautifully enhanced with this cut. I suggest having long layers and subtle face-framing angles so this haircut can add movement and dimension to your locks while maintaining a polished and elegant look. This look is a versatile style that suits various face shapes and can be customized to your preferences. To style, start with damp hair and apply a volumizing mousse from roots to ends to add body and hold. Blow-dry your hair using a round brush, focusing on lifting the roots for extra volume.

Subtle Side Part on Wavy Fine Hair for ladies in their 30s
Instagram @studio_mostton

#11: Subtle Side Part on Wavy Fine Hair

A warm brunette with a subtle side part on wavy fine hair can add life back into your features and lifeless hair. Ask for subtle warm tones with hints of copper or ginger accents. If you have colored eyes, like green or blue, it’s important to add hues that complement them. Avoid cool tones, and be sure to stay in the warm family.

#12: Bold Long Bob Cut with a Middle Part

Looking for a hairstyle that adds volume to your fine hair? A bold long bob cut with a middle part may be just what you need. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to keep their hair blunt while still having movement and texture. The middle part adds a chic touch, while the long bob cut perfectly frames your face. I recommend using a volumizing spray on towel-dried hair to style this cut. Blow dry it while using a round brush to add extra volume. Tousle it lightly with your fingers to finish the look, and you’re ready to take on the day.

#13: Long Contoured Layers

If you want to highlight facial features and add some body to fine hair, try face-framing layers. I suggest going over your features if you want a flattering cut. Choose the length at which will contour the face around the eyes, cheekbones, and chin. Style with a round brush & thickening sprays like Randco Dallas Thickening Spray.

Thick-Looking Fine Hairstyle for Women with caramel blonde hair color
Instagram @studio_mostton

#14: Thick-Looking Fine Hairstyle

A thick-looking hairstyle for fine hair is one to consider. To help your long fine hair look thicker, try getting a blunt cut with a few face-framing layers. Layers help with movement and texture. However, you can easily overdo it on fine hair and make it look thin. So make sure you discuss with your stylist the desire to make your hair look fuller.

#15: Sleek Long Fine Hair with Dark Roots

Go for a sleek, long, fine hairstyle with dark roots. I suggest getting a root shadow if you’re looking for a low-maintenance blonde. My advice is to stay within 2 levels of your natural. That way, your grow-out is not as noticeable. You can still get all-over babylights for high-impact blonding. Then go in with a root shadow for the lower maintenance option.

Dark-Rooted Long Blonde Fine Hair for women who don't want bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#16: Dark-Rooted Long Blonde Fine Hair

This dark-rooted, long, and fine hairstyle is perfect for women who want to avoid bangs. If you want to keep your hair away from your face while still maintaining volume, this look is a great way to do that. I’ve found that using light-hold hairspray keeps the ends from getting too frizzy. And it keeps your style lasting all day.

Beautiful Long Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Fine Hair for Long Faces
Instagram @onurcuhatutarr

#17: Beautiful Long Curtain Bangs

With long, open-ended bangs cut at an angle to frame your face, this look will flatter your features. It will also enhance your natural beauty. The fine hair texture is ideal for this look, as it will give you lots of movement and keep it looking light and airy. Add texture to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair with a curling wand for a softer, more romantic finish. For added fullness, use mousse and scrunch your hair while blow-drying.

#18: Pretty Curled Ends on Straight Fine Hair

Try pretty curled ends on straight fine hair if you are looking for a fun, flirty style. When it comes to styling straight hair, proper products and hair tools will be the difference. Personally, I like to use a light to medium hold hairspray before curling to add hold during the process. Always use a heat protectant before any heat styling, such as a leave-in blow-dry cream.

#19: Lived-In Wavy Bob Makeover

For fine hair, a lived-in wavy bob is an ideal option to create the illusion of thicker, fuller locks. Aim to keep your layers shorter when cutting in more texture. When styling, it’s important to use products that won’t weigh down your strands. Talk to your stylist about which ones are best for you! If you’re looking for more volume, try adding a root booster spray before blow drying. Don’t forget the finishing touches! Texturizing sprays or sea salt mists will ensure beautiful waves stay in place all day long!

Frosty Blonde for Thinning Fine Hair
Instagram @nataliarok

#20: Frosty Blonde for Thinning Hair

This frosty blonde with a shadow root for thinning hair is for the chic fashionista who has the time and money to invest in her hair. This look can go with many face shapes and hair types. This look calls for either a styling wand or a 1 to 1.5-inch curling iron to achieve the waves.

#21: Warm & Layered

This warm and layered cut has some soft layering to keep the perimeter strong. She has fine hair and if we over-layer, then she loses all the strength and bulk on her ends which makes it look wispy and unhealthy. As far as styling goes, my go-to product for all fine-haired ladies is a lightweight volumizing mousse on damp hair.

#22: Affordable Summer Balayage

This balayage for fine hair is super easy to maintain. All you need is a purple shampoo, so the blonde stays nice and icy! No one likes brassy blondes. To recreate, see your trusted stylist. This is definitely a look you don’t want to try at home. The look is great for women with busy schedules and women who are on a budget because they don’t have to go back to the salon for months.

Summer Blonde for Ladies with Fine Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#23: Summer Blonde for Ladies with Fine Hair

This is a natural-looking summer blonde for ladies with fine hair. To maintain this look at home, I recommend using purple shampoo and either a strengthening treatment or conditioning treatment once a week. The woman in the picture has fine hair, but the color actually works for all hair types. With smaller weaved highlights, the line of demarcation becomes diffused.

#24: Long Copper Hairstyle

If you’re down to take a trip to the fairy side, I suggest this long copper hairstyle. We love how this hair color fades from a deep, rich copper root to dimensional ginger ends.

#25: Lots of Layers to Add Thickness to Finer Hair

The short to medium to long layers make it lightweight and easy to style. My favorite part is the blowout making it look bigger, sexier, voluminous, and polished that lasts for days! I use minimal products such as a Redken 25benefits leave-in conditioner to restore health and a Tigi Catwalk blowout serum for heat protection.

This cut, color, and style are for the woman with fine hair who wants to go from a plain and basic look to a chicer and sassier one. It’s for the woman who can fit in retouches and trims every 6-8 weeks depending on hair growth. Round brush and blow-dry, and you’re done! If not, schedule a style appointment or stop by a blow-dry bar.

Flowing Long Layers for Straight Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @hairpainters

#26: Flowing Long Layers for Straight Blonde Hair

If you’re a blonde suffering from breakage, you need to add density to your hair. One of the easiest, quick ways to achieve this is with extensions. Extensions can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your hair. But sometimes, hair is too fragile to handle the tape. If this is something you’re considering I’d recommend a consultation with your stylist. This way, he or she can see what would work best for you.

Medium-Long Waves with a Dark Base for Fine Hair
Instagram @danielmbeauty

#27: Medium-Long Waves with a Dark Base

Wanting to try a low-maintenance and lived-in style? Medium-long waves with a dark base, in my experience, are a common and natural hair color to have as it grows out. If your hair has a natural tousle, you can wear your hair air-dried or iron curls for a ‘laxed look

Lived-In Bob with an Off Center Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @estudio_gis

#28: Lived-In Bob with an Off Center Part

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on a short hairstyle, try a lived-in bob with an off-center part. I recommend asking your stylist for a dry haircut. One of the best things you can do is add airy texture to your lived-in hairstyle.

Voluminous Loose Waves for Fine-Haired Ladies
Instagram @marcosyan_boaz

#29: Voluminous Loose Waves

A perfect style for the grocery store to an evening out, loose waves can be worn for every day and every event! You may want a round brush to blow dry to start this style for long-lasting volume before you set it with heat. Using a one-inch curling iron is the way to go to to create this look. Use the wrapping method with a curling rod or use a classic curling iron, but be sure to drop out the last 1 1/2 of hair at the end.

#30: Sleek Blonde Fine Hair

Tired of how you wear your hair? If you want to switch things up, now is the time to try that sleek blonde hair color. If you have fine hair this will plump the silhouette. And, it creates an overall change that comes with an attitude change in personal style.

#31: White Blonde Straight Style

If a client is thinking about going this blonde there are a few things I tell them to consider. Lifestyle, the time they’re willing to spend in the salon, and the cost. I am all about giving clients what they want but this color requires monthly salon trips. Plus, it needs the best at-home products. After all of this, then we will either continue with the service or decide if a lived-in blonde is a better option.

#32: Mid-Length Curled Hair with Bronde Balayage

Blonde balayage is perfect for adding dimension to medium hair types. I suggest adding a money piece to the front to keep brightness around your face. Don’t forget to ask for warm, or honey tones to help with reflection and shine.

#33: Fine Hair with a Deep Side Part

This brightened-up bob has a lived-in texture. We decided on this cut for fine hair to give her hair more style. I love how this makes her hair appear so much thicker. My advice to any client with finer hair and wanting a change would be a shorter style. This gives your hair more volume. Also, Pureology Clean Volume Levitation Mist at the root and Redken Pillow-proof before the blowout create shine, volume, and this complete look!

Extra Long Straight Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyrosiviot

#34: Extra Long Straight Bob

Freshen up your hair this season with a shoulder-length cut. I’d choose an extra long straight bob for body and fullness if that’s what you’re looking for.

#35: Copper Butterfly Cut

Try a copper butterfly cut to bring out the warm tones in your skin and frame your eyes and cheekbones. The layers in the butterfly hairstyle look chic and give the illusion of volume at the top of your head.

#36: Gorgeous Straight Balayage Hair

Creating a blended balayage with straight hair is a craft. It may require multiple sessions depending on your desired end result. To eliminate brassy tones between visits to the salon, ask for a toning shampoo. Especially one that has multi benefactors. This can aid in the process while working to achieve the ideal shade.

#37: Bright Medium-Length Haircut with No Bangs

Consider a bright medium-length haircut with no bangs if you’re already blonde or if your natural hair is light. I personally would do a partial to a full foil, with the foils close together, then tip out the ends feathering the lightener up towards the foils. Drying your hair before applying a glaze is one of the best ways to ensure your formula is accurate. Wet hair is always darker.

#38: Simple Collarbone-Length Blonde Hair with a Side Part

Sometimes, transforming your hair can be as simple as adding a sophisticated side part to your collarbone-length cut. For women who worry that their hair is too fine or thin for this look, you’ll be surprised to learn that a side part is the easiest way to solve this problem because it develops volume at your crown. Avoid middle parts, which tend to make your hair lay flat. Another great solution for thin hair is to trim a few – but not too many – layers. You can add some color for even more of a body boost.

Trendsetting Light Brown Lob for Fine Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#39: Trendsetting Light Brown Lob

Consider a light brown lob if you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut and color with versatile styling options. If you want your color to look more organic, then I suggest soft face-framing highlights paired with a natural light brown shade. Textured lobs can be air dried with R Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air Dry Creme, and finished with a few loose waves for a more polished look.

#40: Short & Tousled for Fine Hair

Tousled layers on a flattering, chin-length bob give life to fine strands. The chin-length bob with layers is the best haircut for fine hair due to its versatility.

Deeply Side-Parted Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @martafeschuk

#41: Deeply Side-Parted Blonde Fine Hair

When it comes to chic styles we love the deep side-parted blonde for fine hair. If you have fine hair, your stylist will want to do more minimal layering, but more texturizing to give the longer layers some movement. The texturizing will allow for an easier blowout with a round brush to achieve the swoopy romantic ends. Use a volumizing mousse or blow-out cream to add hold to your style.

Very Long Icy Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @soph.hair.styles

#42: Very Long Icy Blonde Fine Hair

Very long fine hair in icy blonde is a gorgeous look. If you need more length and you don’t want to wait till your hair grows, you can add extensions to match your color. Keep in mind, great extensions can be pricey, but worth it. Find a stylist that specializes in this area and they will look natural. When it comes to fine hair, adding highlights will give you lots of body as well as look fantastic.

#43: Pretty Dark Copper Fine Hair

This pretty dark copper color on fine hair adds extra richness and depth. Reds are the most high-maintenance color, so if you want to keep the vibrancy, this requires a 4-6 week refresh. If you have pink and orange undertones in your skin, if you can add warm blushes and lips to your makeup routine, it will enhance your hair color more.

Dimensional Color Melted Ombre for Fine Hair
Instagram @desanj1

#44: Dimensional Color Melted Ombre for Fine Hair

If you’re looking for hair color to correlate well with your fine hair, a color melted ombre is the perfect choice for you. You can keep your natural hair as the top color if you’re naturally dark or color your hair darker if your hair is naturally lighter. When I create a color melted ombre, I usually recommend having the top color at least 2-3 levels darker than the lighter end color. Doing so will create the right amount of depth and dimension to your hair color. Style your hair with loose waves if you want to compliment your new hair color and give your hair that natural lived-in style.

#45: Stunning Blonde Fine Straight Hair

If you have fine straight hair and want to keep it long, look no further. This long haircut with a face frame is ideal for keeping some length while also creating some interest in the front instead of the same old long hair. If you want to have this hairstyle you should ask your stylist for a cut that sits a few inches below your shoulders with a face frame that starts at your jawline. It can help to bring a few inspo photos with you to your appointment just to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page.

#46: Cool Blonde with a Side Part

Try a cool blonde color with a side part to balance out your skin tone and square face shape. Avoid adding too many layers if you’d like the cut to appear sleek. If you want to style this shape, use a big barrel curling iron and a styling cream.

#47: Fabulous Silver Layered Bob

Look fabulous and rock a silver layered bob. Having layers will give the illusion of fullness and helps create volume at your crown. If you can, use a big round brush to get maximum body and lift to get a fabulous-looking hairstyle.

Beautiful Medium to Long Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @volkoboyk

#48: Beautiful Medium to Long Blonde Hair

Look trendy and stylish with medium to long blonde hair. Layering is very important when having medium to long hair. Long hair can be flat and weighed down. Cutting layers will make fine hair lift easier and hold a style better. Remember, don’t cut too many layers because that could result in your ends appearing thinner. Curling fine hair will give it more texture for a fuller-bodied look. Use a volumizing hair spray to finish.

Pretty Mid-Length Blonde Balayage for Fine Hair
Instagram @m.albernaz

#49: Pretty Mid-Length Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage takes center stage showing off the layers in a mid-length cut. If you like to be blonde but hate the high maintenance of highlights, a balayage look is a great alternative. The rooted dimension keeps your color low-maintenance while the balayage ends keep your blonde bright. Try styling your layers with curls or waves to help really show off the dimension in your color.

#50: Blonde Wispy Mid-Length Hair

Blonde wispy mid-length hair is perfect for finer hair if you want it to look fuller. Having a full side bang and adding curls will really make the volume stand out. Seal your style off with some hairspray so it lasts you all day!

Effortlessly Textured Mid-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#51: Effortlessly Textured Mid-Length Hair

Get cool-girl hair with an effortlessly textured hair cut at mid-length. Your fine hair will look fuller and thicker with tousled layers and waves. The mid-length will prevent your hair from just hanging and will give your locks a more voluminous look. Wave with a curling iron and show off your massive texture.

Modern Blonde Shaggy Haircut with a Center Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#52: Modern Blonde Shaggy Haircut with a Center Part

California blonde with a textured lob hair cut is ideal when wanting a new modern look. Consider warm blonde hues when you have pale skin tones to add color and brightness to your overall look. Ask your stylist for a money piece, especially when you rock a center part, it will take your color to a whole new level.

Adorable Short Shaggy Haircut for Woman with Fine Hair
Instagram @bettiesdenver

#53: Adorable Short Shaggy Haircut for Fine Hair

A short shaggy haircut for fine hair helps add texture, movement, and volume to otherwise limp and lifeless locks. Ask your stylist to point cut into the lengths around the face and in the crown to minimize weight on the ends to help lift the roots. Doing this and adding the right products is beneficial in creating the illusion of height and density.

#54: Stylish Fine Hair with a Side Fringe

Fine hair with a side fringe can evolve your style and add some much-needed shape to it. Fine hair should generally avoid full-on bangs due to the amount of hair taken away from the length. However, a soft side fringe can add more life to your hair and prevent it from looking lank, whether worn up or down.

Bold Medium-Length Cut with Chunky Bangs
Instagram @jessicahairnyc

#55: Bold Medium-Length Cut with Chunky Bangs

This cut is a great example of an updated shag with bangs. It uses all of her fine hair to its fullest potential. I love the way the color makes the chunky texture of the cut pop. This would be a great choice for any woman with a lot of fine hair and works on any face shape. I love a fringe on most faces but growth patterns around the face are the biggest thing to consider before getting bangs. This can be quickly rough-dried, blown out, or even tonged with a minute spent smoothing the bangs with a brush. Spray wax will be your best friend with this cut! My fav is Wax Poetic by Together Beauty on wet or dry hair.

Blended Mocha Hairstyle for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @blarrrcurtis

#56: Blended Mocha Color for Fine-Haired Women

This is a blended highlight mixed with some mocha lowlights to give more of a natural dimensional look. I think my favorite thing about this look is the different contrasts of tones throughout the hair so she appears to have thicker and fuller hair than she actually has.

For styling, start off with a very small amount of Moroccan Oil at the ends and work your way up your hair strand. Be careful not to get it on the scalp or your hair will appear oily. If regular Moroccan Oil is too heavy, you can always try Moroccan Oil Lite. I believe this is a great hairstyle for fine hair.

Blonde Illusion for Fine or Thinning Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#57: Blonde Illusion for Fine or Thinning Hair

If you have fine or thinning hair, opt for a lighter, beachy blonde. My favorite thing about this transformation is how soft her blonde looks and how much it changed her complexion. I would recommend this look to women that can’t give up their low bun or ponytail but has fine or thinning hair. The subtle layers and multi-dimensional blonde color gives the illusion of fullness and creates lots of movement.

#58: Curly Fine Hair + Blonde Ombre

This curly fine hair blonde ombre is a perfect way to brighten up your blonde without having to worry about a regrowth line. My favorite part about this look is that adding in the highlights gives her natural hair color dimension and depth and the color will look good both straight and with curly hair.

I recommend this haircut for fine hair to women who want to add definition to their blonde Women with fine hair will do anything to create fullness, and this is a perfect way to do that without having to add more hair. It’s also perfect for women who can’t always get into the salon.

#59: Fine Hair with Layers & Honey Babylights

This look is a combination of long layers with a side-swooping bang combined with soft, honey-toned babylights. It’s for women with finer, thinner hair types who are natural light brunette or blonde. The bangs are great if you are trying to hide a large forehead or wrinkles. Bangs are also a great way to open up a round, square, or heart-shaped face. Oval and diamond face shapes work well with the long layered aspect of the haircut too.

To maintain long haircuts for fine hair, I recommend Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash or Plumping Wash to shampoo at the scalp/root area. Both are great for fine, color-treated strands and help with volume. I recommend following up with Kevin Murphy’s Angel Rinse or Plumping Rinse on just the ends. Both conditioners are great for fine hair and will hydrate without the added weight or greasy build-up.

#60: Cute Blunt Cut Bob for Fine, Thin Hair

This is a modern one-length bob that is blunt cut to create volume and thicker-looking hair.  This type of cut is for women with fine and straight hair. If your bangs have some wave or curl, you should blow dry them with a round brush. The rest of your hair can be natural, which is actually very gorgeous.

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Pinterest Curls hairstyle for Fine Hair
Instagram @emilycaitt

#61: Pinterest Curls for Fine Hair

These Pinterest curls for fine hair are actually my favorite type of curl as it looks extremely natural and adds lots of texture without looking too contrived.

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Soft Curls with Texture for Finer Hair
Instagram @salondediosa29

#62: Soft Curls with Texture

These soft curls with texture are perfect for fine-haired ladies. I used Kevin Murphy’s Oil-Free Volumizer, followed by Session Spray to hold the style in place and to style this cut. Styles for fine hair would be great for all face shapes as these have lots of texture and softness.

Alluring Sandy Bronde Dimension for Finer Hair
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#63: Alluring Sandy Bronde Dimension for Finer Hair

Opt for a sandy bronde hair color if you have fine hair. I recommend this cut for fine hair or someone looking for low maintenance because it gives the hair dimension without looking streaky.

Disconnected Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @bessdejolie

#64: Disconnected Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair

This is a disconnected bob for older women with fine hair. It’s a little longer in the front and tapers in the back with bangs that frame the face, which is perfect for a fine hair texture.  My favorite thing about this haircut is how thick her hair looks and how low maintenance it is to style.

If you’re a fine-haired woman, use a root lifter and gel to add volume for a smooth look. And of course, never blow dry hair without applying heat protection first. Bobs make for wonderful haircuts for fine hair and the two lighter shades of highlights and two darker shades of lowlights add even more body and bounce to this fine, thin hair.

Undone Bob hairstyle with messy waves for Fine Haired Ladies
Instagram @nadiachatshair

#65: Undone Bob with Messy Waves

This undone bob with messy waves is a trendy look these days. Sometimes cutting fine hair can be a balancing act because women want volume through layers, but need to keep as much hair as possible to thicken their perimeter. To keep this in consideration, I drastically over-directed while cutting layers to preserve thickness while achieving height at the root.

Blended Bob for the Finest Hair hairstyle
Instagram @nikikinghair

#66: Blended Bob for the Finest Hair

This short, blunt, chin-length bob only needs a minimal amount of product on fine-haired girls. Style your fine hair with Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse and finish with Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist. I recommend this look for most fine-haired clients. Blunt perimeters make your hair look fuller and add a weight line that stays in its shape. I always cut hair dry with my clippers. The line the clippers create is very unique and sharper than if done by hand.

Toffee Tones for Thin, Fine Hair hairstyle
Instagram @kittycolourist_

#67: Toffee Tones for Thin, Fine Hair

These toffee tones for thin, fine hair normally needs the right amount of light and shade of highlights to create fullness and texture. When it comes to long to medium haircuts for fine thin hair, invest in a good strengthening and densifying shampoo and conditioner like Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse, as well as a weekly bond-building treatment like La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Set Volume to keep those lightened ends super strong.

#68: Layered Short Hair for Women Over 60

A layered short hair for women over 60 consists of disconnected layers and an undone style. The best thing about this is it’s low-maintenance and easy to style. It allows a woman to air dry her hair if desired and blow-dry with her fingers. This is beneficial for a woman who likes to feel fun and playful with her hair.

Cool red for fine layered hair hairstyle
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#69: Cool Red for Fine, Layered Hair

This is a cool red for fine, layered hair that isn’t for women that have artificially darkened or have a lot of damage to their hair. That combination doesn’t work for many lighter hair changes. Other than that, this color is great for everyone. You can rock this Rapunzel hair or a pixie cut.

Betty Page hairstyle for fine-haired women
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#70: Betty Page Hairstyle for Fine-Haired Women

This long, rounded bob with Betty Page bangs is one of the best short haircuts. A bob for fine hair is a classic because it’s so versatile, and every hair type and face shape can look good in it. The blue black color and Betty Page bangs are for that woman with a bold style.

#71: Layered Angled Bob for Fine, Wavy Hair

Layers always guarantee body and form, especially for thinner, wavy hair. Layers in a bob are always a winner and offer lots of styling options ranging from a low ponytail to a cute fashion braid around the crown.

Luminous Blonde hairstyle for fine hair
Instagram @terrystylez

#72: Luminous Blonde for Fine Hair

This is look is truly a sophisticated and luminous blonde for fine hair that was created using a balayage, tease and foil technique with a gloss for an almost iridescent result. The best part is how the combination of techniques gives it a natural feel and a healthy look to the hair. This look would be great for anyone. This look was done on someone with fine hair, which is perfect because the natural dimension creates the illusion of thicker hair.