Chin-Length Haircuts in 2024 Are In! 35 Irresistible Ways to Get It

Chin-length Hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chin-length hair is a stylish, short haircut that grazes the chin and jawline. The best thing about it is its capability to customize, based on women’s face shapes. This trendy haircut is timeless and easy to style!

“It’s such a versatile length for any lady on any occasion! It’s even ponytail-safe,” says Dana Wexler, a stylist from Chicago, IL. “You just need a stylist who’s competent in working with shorter lengths,” she adds.

Feel free to check your stylist’s social media accounts like Instagram.

Can they do the chop for both naturally curly hair and straight locks? Can they showcase the style on various textures and densities? Do you see multiple layers and shapes with the chin-length haircuts they did?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you’re off to a good start. If not, move on.

You can bring photo references during the consultation. “Pinterest is a great source, but go to your stylist’s Instagram page instead. They know their own work,” Wexler explains.

Don’t expect that head shape is the only aspect you need to consider. Get the proper cut that’s most ideal for your hair type.

Chin-length hairstyles are not for ladies who keep getting chemical services to alter their mane. Wexler states, “Maintenance would be challenging if your routine doesn’t foster healthy growth.”

If you can’t decide whether you like your hair layered or blunt, here are some ideas for you. Find images here of the best and trendiest cuts and styles for chin-length hair!

Retro Chin-Length Short Shag
Instagram @salonoslc

#1: Retro Short Shag

Time to be creative and go for what’s unconventional! A retro short shag with bangs will make you want to chop your dark, wavy tresses now. It’s a shaggy chin-length layered haircut, bringing out more movement to your hair.

#2: Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Try a sassy short cut paired with a chin-length wavy bob. A low-maintenance bob will make your hair look effortless with some tossed waves. The short length will prevent split ends for healthy-looking locks. Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking amazing.

Haircut with Chin-Length Layers
Instagram @sugarplumlocks

#3: Chin-Length Layers

Get chin-length layers for added movement and texture. Chin-length layered hair benefits ladies with an ashy blonde balayage. The dimension is sure to get emphasized with this kind of wavy style. Hair ends are thinner and textured to suit thick tresses. If you’re looking for a new look to wear that’s easy to style, here you go!

Short shaggy stacked bob with loose waves
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Short Shaggy Stacked Bob with Loose Waves

A short shaggy stacked bob with loose waves is a perfect way to keep the length of your short haircut! The loose-styled waves at the front and sides add volume and length while keeping it short and sleek in the back. This wavy chin-length hair is a timeless piece that offers a lived-in, edgy finish.

Chin-length Maintenance Haircut for Women Over 40
Instagram @florahair

#5: Low-Maintenance Haircut for Women Over 40

A low-maintenance chin-length haircut for women over 40 needs to be stylish yet practical. Short bobs are versatile, need low upkeep, and offer added volume. With its ease in styling and maintenance, bobbed hair enables women to do their daily routines.

Shelly Cross, a hairstylist from Oakland, CA says, “I used my straight razor to achieve this chin-length hair with a fringe. I typically use it since it creates softness and allows the hair to move in a fluid way.”

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#6: Edgy Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Edgy chin-length hairstyles for over 60 make a great option to explore for women with round face shapes. It’s a wispy cut with a side part with long side bangs to give a frame, slimming the face down. Such edgy bob haircuts are very easy to style and maintain!

#7: Modern A-Line Cut Near the Chin

The modern A-line cut near the chin is stunning yet edgy. If your goal is to keep your length off your neck, this is the perfect chic bob style. This chin-length hair with layers stacked in the back, with one side shorter than the other, is sure to create a voluminous finish.

The Modern Layered Chin-length Pixie Bob
Instagram @olyakuzochkina

#8: The Modern Layered Pixie Bob

The modern layered pixie bob is gorgeous on many face shapes since modifying them to suit your facial structure is easy. This chin-length layered bob often consists of choppy, stacked layers, and long face-framing pieces. If you’re feeling bold, add asymmetrical baby bangs and a messy texture—you won’t regret it!

#9: Easy Wash-and-Wear Cut for Women Over 70

An easy wash-and-wear cut for women over 70 is a simple yet stylish cut for women with fine, straight hair. A blunt cut bob with soft, wispy layers helps create an effortless look that requires little to no styling. A round brush and a quick blow-dry are all the styling needed for a bob cut. Investing in a professional blow dryer and heat protectant is a must when putting any heat on short chin-length hair.

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#10: The Chin-Length French Bob

The chin-length French bob consists of a few longer layers of added texture, dimension, and bounce. French chin-length haircuts for women are stunning and look beautiful on oval-shaped faces.

The One-Length Chin-length Cut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#11: The One-Length Cut

The one-length cut is very sleek, modern, edgy, and one of the hardest cuts to master. Ask your stylist for an A-line bob, cut with the correct amount of tension and no layers. This straight sassy girl bob cut can be modified to different lengths to suit your specific style.

Flattering Chin-Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#12: Flattering Chin-Length Cut for Curly Hair

Ladies with oval faces looking for a flattering chin-length hairstyle for curly hair should consider an angled curly bob with a fringe. Longer face-framing pieces allow you to keep your length without the weight on your neck. Curly chin-length hairstyles with bangs secure such a luxe finish.

Chin-length blunt pixie bob
Instagram @hair.helga

#13: Chin-Length Blunt Pixie Bob

Consider a chin-length blunt pixie bob for a short and elegant hairstyle. Your locks will look healthy and thick, with your ends cut in the same length. It is the perfect haircut for women with fine hair to create the illusion of thicker tresses.

Textured razor cut for chin-length tresses
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#14: Textured Razor Cut for Chin-Length Tresses

Try a textured razor cut for chin-length tresses if you’re looking for a short and shaggy look. The razored texture and layers add shape and movement to your natural texture. Finish your look with a texturizing spray to hold the style!

The Short Choppy Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#15: The Short Choppy Bob

The short choppy bob is a perfect way to add volume to your tresses. Textured chin-length hair is a classic look that consists of layers, creating volume, texture, and movement. Chic hairstyles for chin-length hair like this will be one of your favorites!

#16: Chin-Length Textured Bob

A chin-length textured bob is perfect for women looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut. A chin-length bob is a go-to look for women on the go. Style your textured hair with a few curly waves, then brush out, and you’re ready to go!

#17: Slightly Angled Bob Haircut

Consider a slightly angled bob haircut if you want to keep your hairstyle a classic piece. A chin-length haircut offers a chic and polished finish that provides a bit of upkeep and easy styling.

#18: Layered Chin-Length Cut for Thick Hair

Here’s a lovely layered chin-length cut for thick hair. Shorter layers are added to the back area with a slight angle, creating a bulky shape. Style the hair with a bit of a texture, and see how it forms soft movement. Angled chin-length hairstyles for thick hair look stunning on a straighter hair type.

Flattering Cut for Women Over 50
Instagram @lavrenova_olya

#19: Flattering Cut for Women Over 50

This is such a flattering cut for women over 50! It’s a sleek bob that makes very sophisticated chin-length hairstyles for over 50. For a more youthful finish, add a shade of blonde. It won’t hurt the outcome.

Deep Side Part
Instagram @igorkhoni

#20: Deep Side Part

Add a deep side part to chin-length hair to give your face a flattering angle. It’s a great cut to choose in case you have fine tresses that need extra volume at the roots. This haircut can be beneficial for women with a round or chubby face shape.

#21: Chin-Length Texture for Thin Hair

A chin-length textured cut for thin hair looks gorgeous and alluring! The tousled effect helps the tresses to appear thicker than they are. This chin-length haircut for thin hair works well on a blonde balayage, too. The result? Creamy and radiant!

Angled Chin-Length Haircut
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#22: Angled Chin-Length Haircut

An angled chin-length haircut works on both thick and thin hair. Such a chop is shorter at the back and gets longer near the front. It can provide fine tresses with a bulky effect to look fuller. The haircut can also remove weight by adding more layers around the head.

#23: Asymmetrical Cut

The asymmetrical cut is for ladies who have an oval or round face shape. This chop has a perimeter that helps the jawline become accentuated. With a natural black shade, this chin-length haircut makes thin hair look fuller. For a more polished result, curling in the ends will do.

#24: Chin-Length Cut for Fine Hair

Here’s a classic chin-length cut for fine hair. This is a blunt bob that never goes out of style. The bob length is perfect if you want to feel the breeze on your neck without committing to an edgy pixie cut. It’s always a great idea to paint the tresses with a brunette ombre hue. The color is what will grant a fresher vibe to a blunt chin-length bob.

Modern Chin-Length Bob
Instagram @hair.helga

#25: Modern Chin-Length Bob

Pull off a modern chin-length bob and look classy every time! The chop features shorter layers at the back to boost a finer hair texture. This chin-length bob for fine hair is an all-time favorite that suits most women. It’s fun and easy to style, plus it grows out so pretty.

#26: Face-Framing Cut for Round Faces

A face-framing cut for round faces on women with chin-length wavy hair makes a captivating result that’s hard not to notice. The movement can complement the softness and curve of a rounder face shape. Achieve this beauty by getting a chin-length cut and parting the hair in the middle. For extra dimension, a creamy blonde balayage does the job. The result appears so natural!

#27: Chin-Length Blunt Cut

Opt for a chin-length blunt cut if you have thin, fine hair. The length offers fullness, creating a thicker illusion. Style the tresses with waves to soften the bluntness of the cut. Wavy chin-length hairstyles for thin hair create a movement that can also carry out a more glamorous finish.

Chin-length beach wavy haircut
Instagram @colorsbyclark

#28: The Short Beachy Wavy Cut

A short beach wavy cut on blonde hair offers a lived-in vibe. It has a finish that looks so flattering on ladies with an oval face shape. Cute chin-length haircuts for wavy hair can look flat and boring, so don’t hesitate to opt for a side-parted style. That gives instant volume and life!

#29: Modern Crop for Older Women

This is a modern crop for older women. It makes a great option for those who are looking for a haircut that’s easy to manipulate. What makes this so youthful is the added bangs swept to the side. The fringe is sure to add movement to such a modern chin-length crop cut.

Chin-length Curly Deva Cut
Instagram @aishabeau

#30: The Curly Deva Cut

The curly deva cut is a technique of cutting the curls when dry. It requires removing pesky ends to tame the hair texture. This kind of haircut isn’t for everyone. It works so much better on coils or kinks, giving hair a good shape and volume.

Play with the chin-length shag cut by pairing it with middle-parted bangs. A hairstyle like this requires a specific density of hair. For beauties with thick tresses, this is perfect! When styling, jazz it up with soft waves. That's how you achieve effortless beauty.
Instagram @yokii.san

#31: The Chin-Length Shag Cut

Play with the chin-length shag cut by pairing it with middle-parted bangs. Chin-length hair with curtain bangs like this requires a specific density of hair. For beauties with coarse hair, this is perfect! When styling, jazz it up with soft waves. That’s how you give chin-length haircuts for thick hair an effortless beauty.

#32: Middle Part Chin-Length Waves

Middle part chin-length waves work on most casual days. This style is easy to replicate as long as you have a naturally wavy texture. It’s vital to enhance the curls with any heat-styling tool if needed. Volumized waves are an excellent choice. They add a soft movement to locks.

Haircut Graduated to the Chin
Instagram @tatkadavidchu

#33: Graduated to the Chin

A haircut, graduated to the chin, makes a soft look that’s perfect for very feminine women. This short chop creates a fuller-looking finish to benefit thin, fine tresses. The length is also suitable for ladies who have an oval face shape. It looks effortless and pretty!

Chin-Length Cut with Bangs
Instagram @raenikole

#34: Chin-Length Cut with Bangs

Opt for chin-length hair with bangs that’s full of charisma! This haircut will give your curls new life. It spices up the hair, preventing it from appearing boring. Always moisturize your chin-length curly hair if possible for a bouncy result.

#35: Edgy Chin-Length Undercut

Try an androgynous and edgy chin-length undercut that offers a too-cool-for-school vibe! Get the style by shaving one side clean. If your chin-length hair is thick, this chop will remove lots of weight from it. It creates roundness to keep the fullness of the tresses.