2023 Hair Trends for Women

Check out some of the coolest hair trends coming out of some of today’s hottest hair salons.

Gorgeous y2k hairstyles for women
The y2k craze came with some amazing hairstyles. Check them out here!
Deep side part
Flaunt any fresh haircut with a deep side part to achieve instant volume on hair. Here's an entire gallery to inspire your next look!
Get beach waves hair
Give yourself a summer treat with these popular surfer chick looks!
French bob haircuts
Converting your bob into a polished and casual style? You have to try this '60s inspired classic.
V-cut hairstyles for women
Itching for a trim but don't wanna lose your length? Take a plunge into this très flirty chic haircut.
shaggy mullet
If you can't decide between a mullet and shag, don't worry, you don't have to! This blended cut is the hottest new trend!
Casual hairstyles for women
Pull off that effortlessly stunning look with a stylish casual hairstyle. Even better, a hairstyle you can perfect in minutes!
Different hairstyles
Stuck in a little hair rut? You need not worry, because we have an exciting list of unique and different hairstyles for you to try. After you’re done with one of these, you will emerge a totally new woman!
Shag haircuts for women over 40
Women over 40 can wear shag cuts like they own the look. Proofs are in these photos!
Top hairstyles for a rave
Enjoy your rave party and forget about your hair with one of these easy hairstyles!
Wet hairstyles for women
If you prefer wetter hair, why not opt for a hairstyle that shows it off? See more here!
Party Hairstyles
If you have a party coming up, you’re probably trying to figure out what to wear. In all of your style planning, don't forget about your crowning glory! Feast your eyes on our list of 36 gorgeous party hairstyles and take your pick.
Best disco hair ideas
Light up the disco party with one of these amazing hairstyles!
hairstyles for long faces
There are so many stunning ways to flatter a oblong face shape, the toughest part will be deciding which one of these gorgeous hairstyles for long faces to go with!
octopus haircut
Say yes to more layers and texture with these trendy octopus hairstyles. Try one now!
Best choppy haircut ideas
Looking to freshen up your look with something a little unconventional and a bit flirty? Try one of these cute, choppy hairstyles!
Fancy hairstyles
Channel your inner princess with a fancy hairstyle. We got 20 awesome ones for you to choose from right here!
Princess hairstyles
Pop some fun into your life and channel your inner royal with one of these princess-inspired hairstyles!
Short wedge haircuts
Short hair should be cut to flatter your face shape and personality. If you resonate with the 1970s, then one of these super cute cuts might delight you!
Modern perm hair ideas
It's nothing like its '80s version. Look extra with these voguish hairstyles.
Gorgeous hairstyles for older women
Looking for a more youthful look? Then you have to check out these gorgeous cuts and styles for older ladies!
Shag haircut
Shaggy hair is making a major comeback, and there are plenty cuts to rock this year. Check them out here!
Feathered haircuts for women
Consider one of these trending feathery looks!
face frame haircuts
Check out this gallery and see ideas on how to frame your pretty face with a fresh haircut!
Cute haircuts for women
No more lifeless tresses! These bixie haircuts are sure to offer you volume and fullness.
Vintage hairstyles for women
Pining after Marilyn Monroe’s luscious curls or Bettie Page’s full bangs? Then you’re in luck, because today we have a list of totally glamorous vintage hairstyles that are perfect for the modern woman.
Best haircuts for round face shapes
You won’t believe how flattering these gorgeous hairstyles are on you beauties with round faces!
alternative haristyles
Hairstyles from the 90s were iconic! Opt for one of these alternative haircuts now!
Iconic 90s hairstyle ideas
If you're a 90s kid, you're going to love these hairstyles that take you back!
Types of haircuts for women
Heading to the salon anytime soon? Let’s get a new haircut! Let us help you discover and create a new look for yourself with this list of awesome different types of haircuts that are on the radar right now!
Finger waves
Channel your old Hollywood glam with a modern twist! Ahead are your trendiest choices for this refined hairstyle.
hime haircut
Himes are the perfect solution to your hairstyle problems, especially if you're into the trendy, unique look.
haircuts for big foreheads
Larger foreheads are big, bold, and beautiful. And we've got a ton of different hairstyles that will help you conceal your forehead or expose it for all its glory.
Fashionable butterfly haircuts
Like the wings of a butterfly, this layered cut is a gorgeous hair trend.
best androgynous haircuts
Not afraid to go out of the box? It's time for you to dive into this modernized haircut.
Hairstyles for women with thin hair
If you have hair that’s thinning, it’s not the end of the world. We hairstylists are trained to deal with this. We come armed with all the tools, styles, products and techniques needed to make your hair appear more voluminous. However, there’s one question: what hairstyle can you get? Well, look no further than our list of 25 voluminous-looking hairstyles for thinning hair!
Crimped hair ideas
Peek at these fabulous crimpings to reveal your wild side!
Curled hairstyles for women
In case you haven't heard, curled hairstyles are way in style. So get your hair tools ready and check out our top picks for this season!
Boho hairstyles for women
Boho hairstyles are popping up everywhere! Let us present our top picks for the season.
Shag haircuts for women over 70
These shag haircuts can take a decade off a senior woman through added choppy layers and texture!
Best haircuts with curtain bangs
Check out these various styles of curtain bangs. This type of bang can work on any hair length and face shape.
Jellyfish haircuts
Jump out of the ocean and onto the sand with a haircut that resembles jellyfish!
Hairstyles for women over 50
Here's a list of absolutely stunning hairstyles that flatter women your age. After checking them out, you’ll make a beeline to your phone to book an appointment with your hairstylist!
Side-swept hairstyles for women
Side-swept hairstyles are all the rage on the red carpet right now, and we can see why. They’re just glamorous, unique, and timeless. We found some of the best ones we’ve ever seen. Take a look at them here!
Popular hairstyles for square faces
Bold, beautiful, soft, or subtle, squared faced beauties have endless options with their hair! Trying something new is as easy as a trip to the salon, either for a new haircut, color, product, or tool.
Middle part hairstyles
Who ever said middle part hairstyles are boring is wrong! The middle part has been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice your hair up with some modern touches. Come see these spectacular middle part hairstyles and take this year by storm!
Womens undercut hairstyles
Get ready to be inspired for your next edgy look. Whether you want to have shaved sides and longer hair on top or an edgy pattern underneath your hair, you'll find a cool undercut look for you.
Modern hairstyles for women
Ready to ditch your old hairstyle and really update your look? This list of modern haircuts is just what you need!
professional hairstyles
When we hear “professional hairstyles”, we think of ugly, dated, or uptight hairdos. We wanted to change this negative connotation, so we put a fresh spin on professional hairstyles with these 15 absolutely fabulous and stylish hairstyles you can rock in any type of workplace!
haircuts for women over 30
30-year-olds typically have endless options when it comes to hairstyles. Long, short, mid-length, straight, curly, thick or thin, we've got the hairstyle for you!
slimming haircuts for chubby faces
If you're a woman with a full face, opt for a slimming hairstyle to hide your rounder facial features.
shag haircuts for older women
Check out these modern shags for older ladies!
wolf cut
Howl at moon or don't. The wolf cut is here and it's here to stay!
Viking hairstyles for women
Renaissance festivals aren't the only place you can see a Viking style and cut.
Festival hairstyles for women
Headed to a festival and need a hairstyle to match? Check these out!
Softball hairstyles for girls
It's game day! Are you sporting your hairstyle for softball games?
Most attractive Hawaiian hairstyles
You can be on the mainland and still wear a hairstyle that is popular on the islands of Hawaii. See more here!
Most gorgeous cheerleading hairstyles
Performing as a cheerleader already has its challenges. Why not have a hairstyle that works for you, too?
Volleyball hairstyles
If you're participating in a volleyball game, try one of these hairstyles. You'll love them!
Hairstyles for heart shaped faces
Peep these gorgeous cut and styling ideas that will flatter a heart-shaped face.
Feathered haircuts for women over 60
Revamp your style at 60 with these stunning feathered haircuts!
Graduation hairstyles for girls
If you are graduating, it's important you rock the right hairstyle. We've compiled the best ones to test out!
Most popular dusting haircuts
Dusting one's hair is the act of removing unhealthy, dead, split ends. It's a step closer to having healthy hair!
Hush cuts for women
There isn't anything quiet about the trending hush haircut these days! See why here!
Beautiful medieval hairstyles
Hairstyles from primitive time always get attention. See why here!
hottest haircuts of 2022
Spring is in full bloom and it's the perfect time to find your signature hairstyle for the new season. Take a peep at these hot colors and styles, then go ahead and make that appointment with your stylist!
trendy razor cut hair ideas
Not a fan of blunt edges? Come see the most fabulous option you have!
haircut for fat face double chin
Need flattering haircuts that suit a double chin? Check out these hair ideas now!
Wash and go hairstyles
These wash-and-go hairstyles will give you gorgeous looks without effort. Check them out!
Haircuts for older women with thin hair
Ready for some hair boosting hair cut ideas? Get your inspiration here!
Spiral perm
A blast from the past but with a modern twist - feel your prettiest version with one of these cute looks!
Punk hair ideas
Show off your edgy side with one of these modern punk hair ideas!
edgy haircuts for older women
As you age, opt for an edgier haircut to feel 10 years younger.
bowl cut
Bowl haircuts are making a comeback! See lots of bowl cuts here!
Best Summer haircut for women in 2023
Have a fresh look this season with any of these easy and super cool summer haircuts and styles!
Short fluffy hair
Fluffy hair can sometimes be a problem if you are unsure how to tame your tresses. However, pairing your fluff with a short haircut can prove to be just what you need! See why here!
Wolf Cut Mullets for Women
You're about to see the most stylish haircuts and styles for the trendy wolf cut mullet. Try one and boost your confidence!
1960s hairstyles
We're obsessed with the '60s style fashion, makeup and HAIR that has made a serious comeback. Watch and learn how to make these haute hairstyles a part of your everyday wear.
winter hair colors
Want to add a little winter glamour to your tresses? Just pick out one of these vibrant winter-ready hair colors!
Spring hair trends
Flaunt a fresh look this spring season. Out with the old style, and in with the new one!
roaring 20s hairstyles
From Taylor Swift's retro pin curls at the 2013 MTV VMAs to high fashion catwalks, 1920s-inspired hairstyles are definitely a current hair 'do.' Today we pay homage to women of the 1920s. Try one or two of these roaring 20s hairstyles yourself and try not to feel brazen, emboldened and grand.
Pin up hairstyles
If you're jonesing for a fun and chic throwback hairdo, look no further than this list of 30 retro pin up hairstyles. You know you want to channel your inner Bettie Page!