31 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Hairstyles for little black girls
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Finding cute hairstyles for your little black girl can be challenging as a parent. However, Imebet Thompson, a professional hairstylist and a mother of three, is an expert in this area. Imebet has provided some helpful tips and tricks to make your child’s hair look fantastic while ensuring its health is not compromised.

Meet The Expert

Imebet Thompson
Imebet Thompson
Imebet is a professional master braider with over 28 years of experience.
She is also the founder of Beth Defines Beauty Products.

Easy Natural Styles for All Hair Textures

Imebet recommends easy natural styles for all hair textures, especially for young girls with fine hair or very soft textures. These styles require less manipulation, allowing the hair to thrive without ruining its integrity. Some of the styles she recommends are two-strand twists or cute cornrows in ponytails.

For busy moms, Imebet suggests protective styles such as cornrows or twists without extensions. These styles can last up to three weeks before visiting the salon again. Medium hair can also have accessories like beads or clips, but Imebet warns not to use beads on fine hair as the weight of the beads can pull on the hair and cause it to break.

Ribbons can be used instead to make a style look cute. For thick, coarse hair, Imebet recommends only adding extensions towards the end of the hair to prevent hair from being pulled out. She prefers using kinky texture hair extensions, which are extremely lightweight and blend well with natural hair.

Choosing Hairstyles Based on Face Shapes

Imebet advises that your child’s hairstylist or braider personalize a style that complements your daughter’s face shape. She tweaks styles to contour each of their face shapes. For a round or square face, she suggests cornrows ponytail and twists in the front sweeping towards the side of their faces, or a center part twists out style to hide the high jaw bones. For long faces, side parts give the illusion of a smaller face. For oval shapes, Imebet says any hairstyle will compliment them regardless.

Styling Tips and Tricks

To add length for little girls with shorter hair, Imebet recommends using kinky texture hair extensions. She advises adding cornrows towards the ends of the hair rather than the top. She also suggests using Knotless Box Braids, a weightless and painless braid extension style. Imebet’s product recommendations are kinky texture hair extensions and Ribbons for fine hair. She also recommends detangling sprays like Mixed Chicks Kids Tangle Tamer Spray or Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy.

Pictures of Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Little Black Girls

Shoulder-Length Beaded Jumbo Twists for Pigtails for Little Black Girls
Instagram @egypt.sarai

#1: Beaded Jumbo Twists for Pigtails

Embrace creativity and add flair to your little girl’s hairstyle. Try shoulder-length beaded jumbo twists for pigtails. These twists are embellished with colorful beads, so your daughter’s hair stands out. This hairstyle is amazing because it works with most natural hair textures. It’s perfect for active young girls. The beads not only add beauty but also help to hold down the twists. This is important, especially during physical activities.

Cute Top Bun with Face-Framing Strands for Young Black Girls
Instagram @koily_kali

#2: Cute Top Bun with Face-Framing Strands

Choose a cute top bun that has face-framing strands for young Black girls. It meshes a bun with charming cornrows in the bang zone to frame the face. It’s great for young Black girls as it can be altered according to hair texture and length.

Adorable Pigtails with Space Buns for Little Black Girls
Instagram @koily_kali

#3: Adorable Pigtails with Space Buns

Transform your little Black girl’s hairstyle with adorable pigtails and space buns. This fun and playful hairstyle involves dividing the hair into sections and creating two high, twisted buns on the top of the head, leaving the remaining hair in cute pigtails. The combo of pigtails and space buns adds individuality to your child’s look. Ensure your girl’s hair is well-taken care of, from roots to ends, when creating the hairstyle. The blown-out hair creates voluminous space buns that seem long and hang low. This hairstyle works best for girls with medium to long hair, and the style can be customized with colorful hair accessories or beads for added charm.

#4: Unique and Amazing Braids

Unleash your inner diva with these unique and amazing braids for black girls. These braided hairstyles are not only beautiful, but they also offer versatility and low-maintenance styling. Whether you prefer intricate cornrows, elegant box braids, or trendy knotless braids, these hairstyles are perfect for showcasing your personality and turning heads wherever you go. From protecting your natural hair to enhancing its length and volume, these braided styles offer many benefits. They work best for black girls with all hair textures and lengths, allowing you to express your individuality and embrace your roots.

Braids with a Ponytail for Little Black Girls
Instagram @estyllo_pretah

#5: Braids with a Ponytail

When choosing braids with a ponytail for your little one, don’t forget the extra flair! The addition of a few beads or colored elastics creates fun and excitement for your daughter during her salon visit.

Knotless Braids with Diamond Partings for Little Black Girls
Instagram @9jabraider

#6: Knotless Braids with Diamond Partings

knotless braid style with diamond-shaped partings is the perfect fun and creative style for little girls! Enhance the style by adding fun colors or beads to the ends of the girl’s strands.

Low-Maintenance Dreads for Young black girls
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#7: Low-Maintenance Dreads

Looking for an easy-to-maintain style for your little one? Ask for low-maintenance dreads. This look is incredibly easy to maintain once you gather the right products to use at home.

Mini Bantu Knots with Face-Framing Box Braids for Young Black Kids
Instagram @sophia_selena_

#8: Mini Bantu Knots with Face-Framing Box Braids

Consider mini Bantu knots with face-framing box braids for active little girls. The bantu knots are secure spins on ponytails. At the same time, the braids offer low maintenance and something light and cute that can last for weeks. It’s important to moisturize the hair and scalp while wearing this style. Do not pull it too tightly to avoid tension and breakage.

#9: Cornrows and Mini Buns with Butterfly Clips

Cornrows and mini buns are some of the cutest hairstyles for little ones today. Because the clips are small and not elongated, they can be applied anywhere on the style. Just as a butterfly can land anywhere, keep the cornrows large and natural if you do this at home. This helps to avoid unnecessary tension and be wrapped in buns the perfect size. If you can, tie it down at night to keep the style up for approximately one week.

#10: Short Updo with Twists and Beads

Consider pigtails with twists and beads. This style is perfect for little ones as it keeps the hair out of their faces and is easy to maintain. The twists give a neat and lightweight look, while the beads add a fun and playful touch. This style works well for girls with natural hair or those with braids. It’s a great option for any occasion, from playdates to birthday parties. For hold, apply a lightweight holding gel or mousse before twisting and beading.

Long Half-Up Weave Hair with Big Curls for Your Cute Daughter
Instagram @thenotebook316

#11: Half-Up Weave Hair with Big Curls

Versatile and easy are two words that come to mind when thinking about hairstyles. And this long half-up sew-in with big curls is just an example to prove it. The look is perfect for adding volume and movement without sacrificing length. This style works well for all kinds of face shapes and hair textures. This is because it is a human hair weave instead of their natural hair. Use a large barrel curling iron and a thermasilk heat protectant for regular styling at home.

#12: Side-Parted Silk Press Natural Hairstyle

Try a side-parted silk press if you want a long-lasting, natural hairstyle for your little girl. The styling process may take a little longer, but its staying power and smooth finish are worth it!

Beaded High Pony with Feed-in Braids for Black Girls' Long Hair
Instagram @jett_black

#13: Beaded High Pony with Feed-in Braids

A beaded high pony with feed-in braids will make any little girl feel like a star! A bright, colorful hairstyle is a perfect way for kids to express themselves through hair.

#14: Braided Protective Style Updo for Short Hair

Protective styles are stylish, too! A braided protective style updo looks adorable on short hair, especially with the addition of brightly colored beads.

Long Layered Natural Curls with Pink Hair Bow for Pretty Little Kids
Instagram @_milenajoanaa

#15: Long Layered Natural Curls with Pink Hair Bow

If your little one’s natural curls need a boost, try a long layered natural curl cut with a pink bow! The layering will allow their curls to bounce and pop. And adding a bow or other accessory adds an adorable touch.

Top Bun and Braids with Cuffs for Kids' Black Hair
Instagram @crown_byemy

#16: Top Bun and Braids with Cuffs

For the cute little girls who need to be free of dangling beads and barrettes, go for a top bun and braids with cuffs. This braid style gives a ballerina vibe. You’re able to accessorize with colored cuffs and even some ribbon. While this style can be done at home, be mindful of tension control so the child is pain-free. Spray when finished with a light glosser for added shine.

#17: Long-Length Double Bubble Braids

Consider long-length double bubble braids for your little girl. It’s a cute spin on the stitch braid technique and requires no braid skill to execute. It would be best to blow out and lightly straighten each section for a sleek finish. Then, secure it with colored rubber bands. If you want to show your bubbles on the ends, pull them apart with your fingers to your desired thickness.

Half-Up Long Box Braids with Curls for Young Black Kids
Instagram @touchedby.tima

#18: Half-Up Box Braids with Curls

Give your young one some spice with half-up box braids with curls. Curly ends always jazz up the braid styles and can be re-created with flex rods and boiling water. This low-maintenance protective style is ideal for those wanting to be free of hair duties for weeks. For comfort throughout the style, apply tea tree oil for itching when needed.

Medium-Length Layers for Black Girls' Sleek Kinky Hair
Instagram @babyharmony.renae

#19: Medium-Length Layers for Sleek Kinky Hair

Let your little one rock her natural tresses with medium-length layers in curly hair. Most children have hair that is thicker and less tame. This is because it has yet to spend a lifetime being manipulated with color, heat, and styling. One way to help manage such beautiful hair on a child is to ask her stylist to give some layers. And to remove some of the weight without the length. Try combining curling cream and mousse to enhance her curls without looking dry or heavy.

#20: Mini Braided Bun with Stitch Braids

A classic style for active girls is stitch braids into a mini bun. Add little to no braiding hair to keep the bun small and neat to avoid creating thicker braids. Make the style playful by adding different hair accessories and ribbons.

#21: Braided Pigtails with Pink Hair Accessories

Braided pigtails with pink hair accessories are always adorable for black children. Pair it with stunning accessories. This look is perfect for adding color to little ones’ hairstyles. Protective styles like this are easy to manage. And the colored accessory adds a fun touch of personality to the overall appearance. Use a light edge control gel to keep the braids sleek around the perimeter.

Medium-Length Ponytails with Side-Swept Cornrows for Your Baby Girls
Instagram @fashbraidedme_

#22: Ponytails with Side-Swept Cornrows

Character is key in ponytails with side-swept cornrows for African-American girls. This chic hairstyle provides a unique and fashionable look. It also allows for easy maintenance and styling for your little one. This hairstyle is perfect for parents who want to keep their child’s hair out of the way while they play or learn. To keep this look fresh and stylish, it’s recommended to use a gentle styling product such as mousse to add shine.

Side Braided High Ponytail with Beads and Colorful Clips for Black Kids' Long Hair
Instagram @noell._styles

#23: Side Braided High Ponytail with Beads and Clips

A side braided high ponytail with beads and clips will always give young girls some spunk. I suggest using very little to no synthetic hair. Only use the child’s natural hair when creating this style. The braids need to be small enough for beads. And you don’t want too much weight on their head, especially if they’re active. Try tea tree oil or spray between parts throughout the style for upkeep.

#24: Mini Braids and Bantu Knot

Are you looking for cute and sleek hairstyles for Black girls? Plaits with a Bantu knot are a fantastic option for toddlers. Not only does it look adorable, but it also helps to protect their delicate hair. Plaits, or individual braids, are perfect for length retention and low maintenance. While bantu knots keep the hair up and out of the way. Adding color clips and rubber bands adds an extra pop of color to complete the look. These hairstyles are perfect for parents who want to keep their child’s hair healthy and stylish. But without sacrificing too much time or effort.

#25: Half-Up Braided Ponytail with Curly Ends

Accessorize your braid style and glam it up. Try a long half-up braided ponytail with curly ends, perfect for black school girls. The braids add a touch of elegance to this easy-to-do and practical hairstyle. The curly ends take this look to the next level, adding volume and a whimsical touch. This hairstyle is great for those who want to wear braids but keep them out of their face for school or sports.

Cute Braided Updo with Double Afro Puffs and Golden Bows for Black Girls
Instagram @libbyhaircare

#26: Braided Updo with Double Afro Puffs

A braided updo with double afro puffs is a classic little girl’s style that moms can easily do at home. Ideal for children who are quite active. The puffs celebrate their natural hair texture while staying out of the way. Remember that the smaller the braids, the longer the style will likely last. But the larger the braids, the less tension there is on the child. Besides, moms want to be able to get done with their little one’s hair quickly.

#27: Heart-Parted Rope Braids with Hair Puff

Take on the latest trend and give your little angel heart-parted rope twists with a puff. Best for the youngest girls, this style is perfect for hair accessories such as barrettes. Rope twists are best done with a curling cream and non-alcoholic gel to avoid frizz. Leave one section untwisted and moisturize the puff to show her natural hair texture.

Easy Two-Strand Twists and a Natural Bun for Black Schoolgirls
Instagram @joycestresses

#28: Two-Strand Twists and a Natural Bun

Get two-strand twists if you want an elevated hairstyle for your little girl. Then, add a natural bun with their natural hair. What’s interesting about this look is the embracing of its natural state. Neat and polished isn’t a quality required for this look. But it’s hailed as a gorgeous natural style for black girls. You must maintain a moisturizing spray at home to prevent the style from drying.

Feed-in Braids in a Bun with Purple Beads and Bow for Little Black Girls
Instagram @afroville_hair

#29: Feed-in Braids in a Bun

Brighten up your young one’s hairstyle with feed-in braids in a bun! This whimsical hairstyle will make your little girl feel like a star. And all while keeping pesky hairs and flyaways out of their face for school and play.

Fluffy Afro Updo with Braided Headband for Black Girls' Natural Hair
Instagram @chanpierre_uk

#30: Fluffy Afro Updo with Braided Headband

A fluffy afro updo can easily incorporate your daughter’s natural texture into their day-to-day style. An added bonus? Less time spent braiding in the salon chair!

Side-Parted Short Bob with Soft Waves for Cute Little Black Kids
Instagram @maia_blossom

#31: Side Part Short Bob with Soft Waves

A simple side-parted short bob with soft waves will make any little girl feel like a princess. This sleek and smooth hairdo is easy to maintain daily due to its shorter length.