Your Hair Questions Answered by an Experience Hairstylist

Here, you’ll find some of our best hair advice and tips from our team of expert hairstylists and barbers. They’re devoted to helping you achieve and maintain gorgeous locks. Have a hair question? Email it to: with the subject line: Here is my hair question

Rezo cut before and after makeover on a woman with curly hair
Ready to unleash your curly hair's full potential? Discover the magic of the Rezo Cut!
How to determine your face shape
Learn how to determine your face shape and which type of haircuts complement it.
Olive oil for hair
Get glossy, healthy hair with olive oil! Learn the benefits and how to use it efficiently!
Dry brittle straw-like hair
Damaged, brittle, and straw-like hair is a real problem; here's how to repair it.
A bowl of hair toner
Discover the ultimate guide on how long to leave toner in hair and achieve the hair of your dreams!
Can you dye brown hair black without bleaching
Here's what you need to about dying your hair black.
Salt water for curly hair
Let's find out what it will do to your curls!
Why straight hair turns frizzy, curly hair
Click here to find out why this could be happening to your hair.
Best way to dry a wet curly wavy and coily hair
Learn the healthiest way to dry your curly hair!
Perm after showering
Find out what happens to your hair if you get it soaking wet.
How long does keratin treatment last
Here's what you need to know about it lasting...
How to know your hair type
Do you know which type of hair you have? If not, read our guide to help you understand more! You won't be disappointed.
Someone having their hair washed at the salon
Thinking about washing your hair before getting a cut? Find out what experts are saying with this helpful guide.
Different shampoo bottles
Old products may cause dull hair and an itchy scalp, so check the expiration date.
Signs of hard water on hair
Is your hair feeling lifeless and dull? Discover surprising signs of hard water on hair and learn how to restore your shine!
Showerhead with water coming out
Dive into the truth about cold water on hair - and unlock the secret to achieving your best hair day ever!
Why do hair feel waxy
Got heavy, greasy hair? Here are possible causes and next-level care regimen options recommended by experts.
How often should you get a haircut
Note that regular trims are essential for promoting healthy hair growth by eliminating broken ends.
Bottles of hair products that contain cetearyl alcohol
Discover the surprising truth about how cetearyl alcohol can make or break your hair game - read on to find out!
How often should you wash your short hair
Unlock the secret to maintaining your stunning short locks - discover how often you should really be washing your hair!
Pixie cut guide
Unlock your boldest look yet with our ultimate pixie cut guide - Discover the secret to finding your perfect daring 'do!
Someone with extremely curly hair getting their haircut while their hair is dry
Curly-haired ladies, you must get a DevaCut to keep the bounce and shape in your tresses!
Scrunching curly hair
Try this Curly Girl Method to reduce frizz, promote hydration, and boost your curls' shape with little effort!
A pair of clippers and several clipper guards surrounding it
Unlock the mystery of perfect haircuts with our guide to haircut numbers and hair clipper sizes!
Thick and Thin Hair
Thick and thin hair aren't just obviously different. Learn more about each hair type to ensure you know exactly how to style, train, etc. your hair.
Jojoba oil for hair
Jojoba oil hydrates strands, reduces hair loss, fights dandruff, and more. If these sound like what your hair needs right now, check out this product!
Worst Haircuts
We've found the absolute worst haircuts and styles you should keep away from. Check out these images to make sure you won't commit the mistake of wearing these.