31 Modern Feather Cut Hair Ideas Women Are Getting

Feathered haircuts for women
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A feather cut is a women’s haircut that is finely layered and resembles the layering of bird feathers. This cut is typically cut in a V-shape using a razor, as the airy feathered hairstyles are a highly textured version of a layered cut – only better!

Important tips for getting a feather cut hairstyle:

In my experience, women who have thin hair but want thick hair should consider waves or wavy hair. Doing so adds volume and texture. Feathering is a technique that creates volume for thin hair and reduces volume and weight in thick hair.

If you’re looking to balance out or slim down your round face shape, I always tell my clients to get a fringe with face-framing layers for short hair. Upkeep depends on your chosen feathered haircut, and short hair is relatively easier. A regular trim every 2-3 months would suffice if you wanna keep those layers finely and evenly shaped.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these feather cut ideas!

Blonde Feathery Long Pixie
Instagram @rcgimenes

#1: Blonde Feathery Long Pixie

Can a blonde feathery long pixie be stylish? Absolutely! This modern look is perfect if you want to add volume and texture to your style with layered hair and balayage. With the proper cut and styling techniques, a feather cut for girls can flatter many face shapes. To get this style, have your hairstylist use texturizing scissors to add soft layers. The layers will provide movement throughout your hair. For added shine, try a serum to create a glow.

#2: Natural Silver Feathered Hair

Natural silver feathered hair is one of the best choices for those who want to embrace the natural graying process. The feathered style adds movement and texture to the hair. And it complements the silver color nicely. To maintain the silver hue, avoid harsh chemical treatments or excessive heat styling. They can cause damage and dullness. Instead, opt for gentle hair care products formulated for silver hair. And embrace your stunning silver feathered locks.

Feathery Pixie Bob for Older Women
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#3: Feathery Pixie Bob for Older Women

Check out this feathery pixie bob for older women! This feather haircut for old ladies is a great option for straighter hair types. It will give you all of the fullness your hair deserves! To style, apply a volumizing foam or mousse from the roots to the ends. Blow-dry your hair away from your face for that perfect brushed-back feel.

Messy & Layered Feathered Hairstyle
Instagram @erika.king_

#4: Messy & Layered Feathered Hairstyle

Multiple short chops on long straight hair will result in a wilder messy feathered haircut. The feather effect will create an illusion of big waves. For dark hair color, a shine finishing spray will emphasize each strand, adding to the messier hairstyle of this layered feather cut.

#5: Bright Copper Feathered Ends

If you have thick hair and want to add some shape, try a mid-length shag. Because the layers are cut with a razor or texturizing shears, the layers lay soft and blend your color. You can round brush your hair for styling. If you need a faster style, you don’t have to do much more than flip your hair upside down and dry it.

#6: Salt and Pepper Feathered Cut Makeover

If you want to wear your hair with its natural white and gray tones, try a mid-length shag cut. The layers add shape and help show off your natural blend. If you have frizz and need help with how to blow out your hair, get a Brazilian Blow Out. It will smooth the hair, make it shinier, and easier to style. I don’t recommend a Brazilian on thinner hair, as it can flatten it. Make sure to consult your stylist first.

#7: Silver Feathered Bob Hairstyle

A feathered bob hairstyle is great for older women wanting to still look polished and classic. Ask your stylist for layering that suits your head shape and will help give you natural volume. Styling will be moderate. Blow-dry with hands until about 70% dry, then finish with a round brush. A texture spray is a great finishing option if you want hold and movement.

grey and blonde long feathered hair
Instagram @leticiaviot

#8: Grey and Blonde Long Feathered Hair

Grey and blonde long feathered hair will look stunning with a voluminous blowout. For classic cascading waves, ask your stylist for many long layers that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Since layers remove weight from the hair, this feathered haircut is best for women with thick hair. If you have fine hair, go for a cut with fewer layers so the perimeter of your hair doesn’t look too thin. Use a round brush, blow-dry one section at a time, and let cool in Velcro rollers for maximum smoothness and volume.

#9: Stunning Feathered Cut for Weighted Long Hair

A feathered cut for long hair is ideal for women with heavy-density hair. Adding this type of layering can release weight from your weighted hair.

#10: 70s-Inspired Feathered Bangs

Pair feathered bangs with a layered cut for glamorous 70s-inspired feather cut hairstyles. Use a large round brush and a volumizing spray for a perfectly polished style.

Ultra-Cool Feathered Cut for Girls
Instagram @shearsandheels

#11: Ultra-Cool Feathered Cut for Girls

A feathered cut is an ultra-cool, undone textured look. This is a great wash-and-go style when paired with smoothing creams or mousse for texture. This cut compliments thick and fine hair when the feathered haircut is balanced to your density.

#12: Short and Feathery Haircut

A short feathery haircut is more than just a layered haircut. Feathering is a unique technique to give texture to your hair. Ask your stylist to give you a short cut with feathery chops to achieve short feathered hair. This technique is gorgeous for ladies desiring fuller-looking hair.

#13: Stylish Bob with Feathered Side Fringe

A bob with a feathered side fringe will contrast against your length for more structure. This style is great for your hair if you prefer to be more balanced and if your hair is quite fine. The movement created from the feathered fringe adds a lighter shape and flow through the front of the face but keeps all the fullness within your bob throughout the back.

#14: Textured Pixie Cut with Feathering

Get a textured pixie cut with feathering to boost your finer to medium hair volume. Texturizing hair creates shorter and longer lengths pushing the longer hair up and out, therefore creating volume. A slight feathering ensures the hair is blended and doesn’t have that blunt feel.

V-shape feathered haircut for curly hair
Instagram @ronicaardosos

#15: V-Shape Feathered Haircut for Curly Hair

A V shape feathered haircut is great for curly hair if you prefer to have less volume to your curls. To avoid excess volume while still having shape and softness, keep a soft roundness to your length with a movement focused around the perimeter. V shape feather haircuts work best on long hair and should be avoided on shoulder-length hair.

#16: Flowing Layered Feathered Hair

Opt for layered feathered hair to get soft, flowing layers to thin long hair. The 70’s feathered hair style keeps the layers light without taking too much weight from your length and uses a point-cutting technique that creates the feathered effect instead of heavily chopped layers.

#17: Feathered Layered Short Hair on a Bob Cut

Graduation at the back highlights the rounder undercut of this short bob cut with side-swept bangs. Short feather-like hairstyles like this stacked bob looks amazing with a dark blonde hue and add dimension to the blonde front locks that have received a longer, straighter cut. This feather hair cut is ideal for women over 50.

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natural feathers and voluminous layers for long hair
Instagram @sheen_stepphen

#18: Natural Feathers and Voluminous Layers for Long Hair

Consider feathery long layers for long hair and see how natural the movement appears. A feathered hairstyle like this looks way better when blow-dried. Pair this long feathered cut with highlights and lowlights in a vibrant brown shade for a stunning and contrasting look.

#19: Blonde Shoulder-Length Feather Layering

A shoulder-length layered cut with side bangs has a gorgeous dimensional blonde when highlights or balayage are added. To finish off this feathered style, a blowout will add volume to this feathered hair cut, showing off the layers even better.

The Inspirational Feathered Lob
Instagram @antoniovhair

#20: The Inspirational Feathered Lob

Feathered layers are what make this look overflow with appeal! This feathered lob, with its feathery layers, is a chic, modern mid-length shag!  Layers in this feather cut to create a textured effect, making your thick locks feel so light. For a dimensional brunette, color adds subtle highlights to jazz up the wispy texture.

70s middle part feathered hair with fringe
Instagram @salon_luisse

#21: 70s Middle Part Feathered Hair with Fringe

A 70s middle part feathered hairstyle, add fringe for a modern twist on a classic style. Use a curing iron to sweep back those curtain bangs, or try a middle part for a true vibe of 70s feathered hair. Feathering hair and feathering bangs are great for framing the face and highlighting features.

Modern Medium-Length Haircut with Feathered Layers in Side Swept Style
Instagram @faizas.salon

#22: Modern Medium-Length Haircut with Feathered Layers in Side Swept Style

Pull off a modern feathered medium-length cut, and part it to one side to give tresses a fabulous side-swept style! This feather cut for medium to thick hair offers layers to create an effortless movement. It can be a go-to style for women who prefer to avoid everyday styling with its vintage effortless vibe.

#23: Polished Feathered Volume for Straight Thin Hair

The eye-catching platinum blonde will compliment straight, feathery locks. Keep your chop mid-length for tresses that need fullness, then go for more layers with fine lines. This perfect fully-feathered cut offers a textured volume for thin hair.

#24: Charming Mid-Length Hair with Feathered Ends

A stylish mid-length look with feathered ends is a modern hairstyle inspired by the ’70s and ’80s trends. The perfect placement of layers is the key to its classic feathery appearance, creating a step-cut style. This shoulder-length feathered layer cut for women with thin hair is great as it adds movement and texture.

#25: Feathery Textured Shag with Bangs on Bronde Balayage Hair

With this 1980s long shag cut, you can rock a feathery textured shag and add bangs for optimum magnificence. Pair your long hair length with a dark-rooted beige blonde, and see a very striking result. This long feather cut is the super cropped, chopped fringe hairstyle. The fringe helps to correct your facial shape and allows you to change your feather cutting hairstyle without losing length. Go for a long fringe to accentuate the cheekbones or brow skimming. The most important thing is creating it to fit your face shape and jawline.

#26: Choppy Layers on Short Haircut with Feathered Bangs

A short shaggy bob with curtain bangs and choppy layers can be hand styled to bring out your natural hair texture. To create texture within the feathered bangs, use a volumizing spray.  This style is for women wanting a shorter hairstyle but feel they need more edge with low commitment. The feathered bangs are long enough to be styled in either direction or pushed out of your face. Style your feather cut for short hair with a salt spray and diffuser for maximum texture and movement.

80s Feathering with Side Fringe
Instagram @remedysalon115

#27: 80s Feathering with Side Fringe

An 80s haircut with a feathered side fringe will look stunning when paired with a bright blonde hue. Show off the layers by styling your locks with texture and side bangs for the full feather effect. This style is a chic option that offers movement to a fine mane and removes weight from thick ones. A mousse works great when prepping this feather cut for long hair. This look is perfect for women over 60 with feathery layers.

heavily layered feather cut for long thin hair
Instagram @and.bloom

#28: Heavily Layered Feather Cut For Long Thin Hair

A feathered hair cut on long locks creates subtle movement, which goes well with a blonde hue. Add dark roots to this feather cut for thin hair, and growing out your natural locks will be less of a problem for you. When styling this long layered haircut, a dry shampoo powder will create more body and boost your roots, adding a nice feathered flair to your style.

auburn feathered curls with bangs
Instagram @theluxemess

#29: Auburn Feathered Curls with Bangs

Auburn feathered curls with bangs are a definite game-changer. The warmth of this color is very flattering on cool skin tones. If you’ve never had bangs before, make sure you talk to your stylist about whether or not they think bangs would work for you.

#30: Mid-Length Ash Brown Feathered Hair

The mid-length ash-brown feathered haircut is a youthful approach to subtle beauty. The tone is soft on medium to fair skin tones, and the feathered layers can be customized to frame the features of the face. When fringe is freshened, it can accent the overall look, whether the style was meant to be worn down or twisted off the neckline.

Amazing short feathered bob cut
Instagram @trendzsalonnj

#31: Amazing Short Feathered Bob Cut

A short feathered bob cut will never go out of style. The movement and flow of this style are always flattering and easy to take care of. Try a dime-sized amount of Redken Aerate before blow-drying to give you this moveable volume.

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