26 Choppy Pixie Cuts for Women Over 70

Chic choppy pixie cuts for women over 70
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A freshened-up look awaits with choppy pixie cuts for women over 70. If you crave a stylish, low-maintenance hairstyle, you’re in the right place. Be ready for golden age hair transformation guidance from expert stylist, Alicia Bartnes.

Meet The Expert

Alicia Bartnes
Alicia Bartnes
Alicia is a hairstylist with over 24 years of experience.
You can find Alicia at her own studio in Loveland, CO.

Understanding Your Hair Texture

You might wonder, can I pull off the choppy pixie look with my hair type? Well, Bartnes assures that a textured choppy pixie cut fits well with thick hair. It also complements coarse grey hair that one gets as they age. This pixie cut style brings out the best in wavy or straight hair. However, it might not do justice to really curly hair or very fine thin hair.

The Shape of Your Face Matters

Your face shape plays a huge role in how your haircut will look. Bartnes asserts that a Choppy pixie cut suits an oval face the best. But what if you have a heart-shaped face or a square-shaped face? No worries! You can still wear a choppy pixie cut. Just ask your stylist to slightly modify it. They can add some volume through the crown. The result: a classy and charming look on your heart or square-shaped face.

Styling Tips and The Magic of Products

Styling a choppy pixie cut can seem tricky. Bartnes recommends using a texturizing paste to accent the choppy texture. This helps bring out the best in your cut. Gentle pulls of strands against the cheekbones can create softness against your facial features. No question, these styling hacks show off your features quite well.

Pictures of the Most Chic Choppy Pixie Cuts for Women Over 70

Pixie with Choppy Layers and Sideburns for Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @txbeehive

#1: Pixie with Choppy Layers and Sideburns

If your sideburns are thin, add a wispy texture to your haircut with choppy layers. Pixie haircuts can have varied lengths and styles. Keeping the look texturized and wispy, however, helps keep the style youthful. Adding a longer top to your cut adds extra volume and definition.

Choppy Red Pixie with Textured Bangs for Thick Haired Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @hlpaulohairbarbering

#2: Choppy Red Pixie for Thick Hair

A choppy red pixie is perfect for thick hair. One way to get thick hair under control is to cut it short and make it look cute. The choppy texture will give movement and reduce weight in your hair, allowing for easier style management. Using strong gel and hair oil will give your hair extra control when keeping things in place. However, pixie cuts can be somewhat high maintenance when you want to keep your style short and neat, so plan regular salon visits every 4-6 weeks.

Choppy Bixie Cut with Short Airy Bangs on Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @nikkie_snips

#3: Bixie Cut with Short Airy Bangs

The bixie cut is a youthful and trendy look, complete with short airy bangs, that still maintains a classic, chic style. The cut is textured, which makes the hairstyle easy to manage. The short, airy bangs bring a soft touch to the face.

#4: Undercut and Chunky Highlights for Short Thin Hair

An undercut and chunky highlights are perfect for short, thin hair. If you are over 70 but still love edgy hairstyles, ask your stylist for a textured crop. An undercut offers a fresh style change, particularly suited for thick hair, and ensures your hairstyle lasts longer. The hairstyle’s edge comes from its chunky, contrasting highlights. However, this color option requires high maintenance. You will need salon visits every 4-6 weeks for a haircut and highlight refresh.

#5: Dark Grey Classic Pixie with Hints of Purple

The textured pixie cut has longer layers around the face and nape. These longer layers offer a bit of length to the cut and add volume around the crown of the head. If you have natural grey hair, add purple shampoo or toners to your routine. These products can help eliminate unwanted yellow tones. When left on the hair for a while, they can also give your grey hair a fun pop of color that lasts for about a week.

#6: Textured Crop for Fine Hair

A textured crop is a great haircut for fine hair. While you might associate fine hair with thin hair, ‘fine’ actually refers to the texture of a hair strand. You might have a lot of fine hair, which means your hair strands are thin, but you have a lot of them this is what we call ‘density.’ A textured crop is perfect for people with high-density fine hair, giving the hair style, shape, and movement.

Tapered Layers and Mini Bangs on Short Choppy Pixie for Older Ladies Aged 70 with Glasses
Instagram @abigailhally_hair

#7: Tapered Layers on Short Pixie

For women over 70 with a short pixie cut, tapered layers are worth trying. Tapered layers give a nice chunky look, highlighting the textured ends. Tapered layers also grow out well, avoiding the heaviness of length. The short, choppy style of tapered layers easily adds volume. Use hairspray to maintain this look all day. Try Kenra’s Volume Hairspray for a firm hold.

#8: Natural Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Crop

Going with a short choppy haircut with your natural salt and pepper color can give you an edgy look without needing much maintenance. The cut adds texture, effectively showcasing all the varied natural shades woven throughout the hair.

#9: Fluffy Pixie with Feathered Layers

A fully volumized, stylish style suitable for mature ladies is the layered rounded pixie. Keeping it soft over the ears and longer at the nape, the layers are rounded to the head shape for additional height. Maintain thin, wispy fringes for a softer look on the forehead without them being too thick and heavy. This will create an uplifting and airy look. If you’re having difficulty drying your hair to add volume, use a few small Velcro rollers when the hair is warm.

#10: Dimensional Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

This pixie haircut, with its length adding dimension, is accompanied by side-swept bangs. A face-framing pixie cut with longer sides and layers on the crown creates a perfect, longer pixie style. Those longing to maintain some length on a shorter style or growing out a short cut should consider this style. Including choppy texture and blonde and brown highlights add dimension to the cut.

Choppy Angled Pixie Cut with Side Bangs on Older Women Over Seventy
Instagram @salonsixteen16

#11: Angled Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Older ladies look lovely with pixie cuts. To create a fuller, thicker hair look, strategies such as building weight in the angled nape area are helpful. To keep a soft look around the face, choosing sweepy side bangs is a good idea. It frames the face beautifully.

#12: Ragged Pixie with Long Bangs

If you want your pixie cut to appear worn in and less meticulous, request textured layers and wispy ends. Textured layers and wispy ends are great for adding softness and a feminine vibe to your short hair. Consider finger-drying your hair instead of using a brush. This method creates a more natural look, unlike a brush, which gives a defined shape. For a finishing touch, apply hairspray then, run your hands through your hair and tousle it.

#13: Short Pixie Hair with Red Highlights

Ask for a short haircut with red highlights. For women over 70, red color can add vibrancy, creativity, and spark back into your life. Consider using a combination of red and brown colors for your next short pixie haircut. This works well with warm skin tones and allows women to rock their looks at any age.

#14: Short Pixie Hair with Wispy Bangs

If you have fine hair, consider a shorter cut, like a pixie cut, for added fullness. Taper the cut at the nape for style. To achieve softness around the ears, which is useful if you prefer to hide them, add a soft layer at the top. Wispy side bangs create a lovely way to frame your face. Avoid using Harvey’s finishing products. Instead, choose options like matte clays or pastes.

#15: Choppy Cropped Pixie Undercut

If you love short hair, consider a pixie cut with a short cropped undercut. This will give the sides of your hair a tight, clean look at the nape and ears. If you want balance and softness, leave the top of your hair slightly longer. For a less harsh look, maintain length at the front of your hair.

Soft Messy Pixie with Choppy Layers for 70-year-old Women
Instagram @interlocks

#16: Soft Messy Pixie with Choppy Layers

Opt for a soft, messy pixie with choppy layers. Life is short. Wear the hair you want. Go to a skilled haircutter for a textured haircut. When you want a different haircut, ask your stylist to add texture. This can blend feminine and edgy into one cut. This is a great cut for fine hair. It adds body and movement, with strands framed around the face, ears, and neck.

#17: Choppy Pixie Crop with Short Fringe

A choppy pixie crop with a short fringe promises a style full of texture, movement, and versatility. Not only does it remove bulky weight and make styling easier, but a short fringe complements a pixie cut when brushed forward, styled to the side, or slicked back for a fuller look.

#18: Edgy Pink Pixie with Volume on Top

An edgy pink pixie with volume on top is just one option for choppy pixie hairstyles for women 70 years and older! The soft pink tone gives off a soft, buffed look, which really softens her skin tone for a more youthful look. The length on top gives versatility to this look that can be worn straight and curly. Have fun with it!

#19: Silver Short Pixie with Nape Undercut

Consider incorporating a nape undercut into your short silver pixie haircut. Trimming the hair short at the back of the head enhances its fullness while drawing attention to its volume on top.

Short Icy Silver Pixie with Choppy Bangs for Mature Ladies Over 70
Instagram @abigailhally_hair

#20: Icy Silver Pixie with Choppy Bangs

If you have fine or thin hair, this icy silver pixie with choppy bangs would be a great style choice. The short length combined with a choppy texture provides a denser and fuller appearance for your hair. To maintain the icy color of the pixie cut, use a purple shampoo at home.

Bright Blonde Choppy Spiky Pixie Cut for Ladies Over 70
Instagram @saddielady1

#21: Bright Blonde Spiky Pixie Cut

Add an extra charm to your spiky pixie cut with a bright blonde color! The vibrant color, along with the chunky texture, provides a head-turning look. You can personalize uneven pixie cuts for elderly women to suit your face shape. You choose the features you want to emphasize with the volume and texture.

Choppy Gray Pixie with Purple Highlights for Grandmas Over 70
Instagram @salonsixteen16

#22: Gray Pixie with Purple Highlights

Add a splash of color with purple highlights on your gray pixie! The purple highlights really stand out on fine hair, giving it added depth. Use a color enhancement shampoo to maintain the freshness of the highlights between salon visits.

Silver Short Choppy Pixie Hair with Piece-y Bangs for Older Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @sdeisi.does.hair

#23: Silver Short Hair with Piece-y Bangs

Silvery blonde hair looks stunning with a wow cut it’s an asymmetric cut that is much shorter on one side than the other and becomes a talking point. If you prefer a softer look around the face, a wispy face frame adds style. However, you need to maintain asymmetric cuts regularly. The shorter side tends to grow quickly and can lose its sharpness.

#24: Very Short Pixie Bob with Bangs

For women in their 70s, a very short pixie bob with bangs is a top option among choppy styles. The choppy edges of the cut add a youthful and fun vibe to the overall look. I suggest using a high-quality texture spray or paste to accentuate the beautiful texture of the pixie bob.

#25: Soft Textured Undercut Pixie

For a woman over 70 seeking a choppy pixie haircut, a soft textured undercut pixie is a good option. The undercut pixie not only gives an edgy look but also adds softness, achieving a well-balanced style. To further enhance this hairstyle, use a quality dry texture spray, which will add volume.

Platinum Pixie with Choppy Layering for Women Over Seventy
Instagram @capella.hair

#26: Platinum Pixie with Choppy Layering

This hairstyle is a platinum pixie with choppy layering. A platinum pixie can add color and style to your later life. Shorter haircuts usually need less time to style. Also, a short pixie cut can give your hair ample body and texture. If you have gray hair, a platinum color can be a great choice. Otherwise, you might need extra bleaching to achieve that blonde tone.